Thursday, August 2, 2007

I have learnt to care !

It has been there for so many million years before you and I were born. Got adorned with civilization by the degree of the needs and intellect of each generation. And the process went non stop. It still gets overstuffed with what we call the transformation of a not-so-friendly companion to an oyster. We have been enormously successful in what we wanted to achieve for we have indeed turned it into an oyster. All we need to do to fetch what we desire is to extend an arm and grasp, it could be from New York, it could be from the mall nearby, you wouldn’t need to care, because it is open out for you at just a click while you can just cuddle in a cushion. I am talking about the home we reside in. Nope, not the one built with bricks and stones. The one that has been silently and gracefully accommodating us all ever since Life originated, perhaps even before. The beautiful Earth around us. . It does not seem to enjoy the adornment we have been garnishing it with, anymore. Perhaps it’s getting suffocated. True and not to complain because we are taking away the trees it used to breathe from. Perhaps it’s hurt. Are we not digging it deep to construct the multi floored complexes? It’s not an open carpet anymore to the warmth of the sun, thanks to the harmful gases and pollutants we continue to forgetfully discharge while rushing to and from our daily chores.

The inhabitants of this home are not to be blamed, for the change that has happened was inevitable. There were necessities and hence we had to give room for inventions. Sometimes it disturbed nature. We had to pretend as if we didn’t notice. Suddenly there were more number of people and the needs, naturally, so very more. We continued to live with more technicalities integrated into our life. Life got out of the natural way but did not dare complain because these new inventions made our lives a lot more easier and we enjoyed every bit of it.

More and more and more and we are still on the race of finding more. In the run, have we turned hostile to our own home? Perhaps yes, because after all these years of remaining silent and motherly to us all, nature has gradually started to complain. And if we still haven’t noticed it, it’s high time to lend an ear to what mother nature has to say because if we don’t do that now, a little down the lane, we might unexpectedly realize that before we can turn things to normal, it might have been already dangerously late.

The earth, they say, has warmed up beyond the threshold which might get monstrous to the life of every single being, in here. It rains acid over the Taj. The coldest regions have found their way to melt down the way. The average temperature above the earth has gone up by an average of 0.74 ± 0.18 °C, over a century. The protective ozone layer is not so protective any more. All this and more, they call it Global Warming.

So here I go, chalking out the list of To-Dos which I have dutifully promised to go by. I hope all of us throw ourselves some light as to how to go ‘Global Cool’ and contribute at least in a minimal quantum to preserve our beautiful but One Earth !!

1. I switch off the lights/fan of any room, that is not used.

2. I do not let my TV/DVD player stay on stand by (Yes, this consumes a lot of electricity)

3. I try not to use motor vehicles if I need to take a short errand to the nearby Grocery store.

4. This was very surprising. Using Fluorescent bulbs instead of the regular ones helps reduce the consumption of electricity and I gladly opted for a Fluorescent one when my reading lamp went out, last week.

5. My office is highly conservative already and they promptly switch off the air condition by 6 PM every day. I am now starting to like this, really.

6. The most important of all, I have planted three saplings around my first floor and I visit them, every morning.

7.Last but definitely not the least, I am spreading the message through my Blog to people who care, just like you. :)


s4n705h said...

Hmm. conserving energy. The other day my roomie fought with me leaving the light and fan on while i was away to office.(He was concerned about the electricity bill). but it left a great impact and i dutifully turn off the light and fan from that day!!

Honey Bee said...

How very true. I read that at Mumbai beach, the eco group held a meeting. Wherein the usage of Bulb which emits CO2 was highlighted. I never knew all these days that a BULB would damage the Earth. How much it causes Global Warming!

chronicwriter said...

1) if you do not use the room, why have it in the first place?..ons econd thoughts, you can use candles!!!save electricity

2) But can you watch tv? aravind doesnot like soccer?

3) but if your motor vehicles is full of gas, then you need not worry sandy

4)fluorescent bulb causes mad eye disease..

5)they switch off the a/c here too.. but i have seen the security fellow operating the a/c switch .. last time i tried to switch it on, the alarm went on and am not telling what happened afta that...

6) good.

7)floored by your caring soul..

ScRiBbLeR said...

I do switch off fans & lights of unused rooms..we used to be fined for that in college hostel :)

Ive heard about the bulbs..but unable to part with mine !!

Never knew about the stand by thing...

And I'm working in the worlds largest GREEN building !!! No its not painted in green :)

The Mahathma said...

are u in pain

PurpleHeart said...

Santosh, Tat's a smart move !

Honey Bee, I din't know it either !

Chriz, 1. U don't always use all the rooms in your house, do U ??

2. Aravind is most of the time into News or HBO. I find an excuse to shut it down for a while, now.

Gomathy, I used to hate it when we HAD to switch off lights by 10 Pm every night in hostel. Of course, they did it to cut down on the COST of electricity. But it HAS made a global conservation.

Mahatma, Why ? In fact, I am more into thoughtful moods these days and that's why such thought-provoking notions !!

Honey Bee said...

Even that news took me by shock. I was wondering how many times I tried to become the Renowned photographer in that zero watts, 40watts and 60 watts bulb when i first read it?

You're right scribbler. The problem with chr. writer is he reads my blog.

Honey Bee said...

the mahatma: Pain???

seahorse said...

Very well written.