Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tour de la Parish

Have you ever been left mesmerized by the simplicity and serenity of an Indian village ? Well, I am, every time I take a jaunt out of the sprint, we live in every day.

No, no, no, I love the city-life ! I mean, I enjoy the race of time, the range of choices we get to make, the independence, the fusion of the Indian and the western life-styles ,the malls and the coffee-days and everything. The post is not about City Vs Village.

To take a trip down the country side and live its life for a day, believe me, is truly soothing.

Had been to this village , in Tirunelveli , yesterday and I was amazed by the hospitality and the spontaneity , the folks had . Can you believe it when I say to keep the front doors closed , at any time of the day, in a house, in this town, is purely uncustomary ? Every one knows every one else in town. You ask for an address and they guide you right through the entrance of that place you have been looking for.

Kindness comes for free of cost and, okay, sometimes they can get quite nosy , I mean, to walk along and smile at people, who appear confident that you know them and answer their questions, pretending you have just met them last, a while ago is, well, not a feel-good thing.

Eight out of ten people you meet are more than likely, in every sense, to stand in front of you, after having defiantly put to you, the most difficult question of all time. “Tell me who I am” . Wait, they aren’t really tough. They throw a tricky hint to help you. “Your mom comes to meet me, every time she visits her mother” .

They initially give you a courteous look (I am sure they are more curious inside), which slowly turns rebellious and the more your smile so stupidly, totally clueless on what to answer, the stronger their looks are. But you choose out at the end, with no option, saying, “I am sure I have seen you, but I am just not getting the name “ and yes, continuing to smile ever so stupidly. I think it has got to do something with their prestigious stand , they getting recognized by outsiders.

And you know what the most intense experience is ? The kisses that are thrown all over your face by people you have not seen before.

This part is, appreciatively restricted to the female community. You do nothing but keep smiling (they thankfully don’t seem to be expecting you to return the kisses) because you do not want to give them a feeling that you dislike it which might upset the person, who has proudly taken the opportunity to introduce you to the bunch of the country’s own natives.

And when it’s time to bid Good byes, they leave you with a feeling that keeps you wondering if you had been there for so long a time and memories, you are sure, you will smile at.

It’s overwhelming. That’s the positive way of looking at it. It’s cheeky. That’s the factual part about it .

But to go there and to live the earthiest flavor of life is worth a day in any person's life who belongs to generation-Y !

Friday, May 25, 2007

Life is what happened when I was busy planning something else ...

Look within and smile at the sprit, aflame
Look around and rejoice the blessings, alight

Miracles will happen at perfect times, I wouldn't know.

Life is to keep faith
and smile at what happens
and what does not !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Isn't this a weakness ?

I just heard someone say , the other day, that his strength is his alertness on his weaknesses and his weakness is that he knows not what his strength is.

Isn’t it funny and coherently, puzzling that we spend in a huge quantum of our life, not knowing what our strengths and weaknesses are ?

I am not touching up on the exceptions but I am quite positive on the fact that we believe more easily in what others have got to say, than what our instinct does, which is why we get more convinced and happier when some one casually passes on a compliment like “Hey, you look very nice today” .

And this is a weakness because we trust someone else’s words more easily than our own.

It’s true that we tend to be in a hurry to judge people based on their momentary activities. For instance, to look at someone shout at a fellow human being in public and scowl in disgust is instantaneous.

They could be habitual, yes, (am talking about those activities of people ) ,but are we not forgetting that to not know a person and judge him by his mistakes is barbaric ?,because the guy shouting at some one else could be a mistake , if not unreasonable and not his weakness.
He sure could have (positively speaking) done that out of the bustle of unexpected turn of events. And mistakes, we all cannot live with out. Can we ?

Making mistakes is not a weakness. Failing to learn from them is. Trusting oneself more than anybody else is a hidden secret of success , we often fail to see.

Wouldn’t it be a journey to make mistakes and discover what your weaknesses are and learn from it to make it your strength ?

I know it would be . It indeed is a journey and we are already on it. Someone called it Life !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I have some more please !

Nope, I am not talking about Oliver Twist.

I just thought of the first 10 things , I would be excited to do if I were to be given a whole week , all to myself, one whole week with no priorities , none at all !

Umm.., I would

1. Open my planner and jot down the list of activities that would make my week, but this time with a smile. (This shall include all that I would want to shop, do or read).

2. Bake !! Now this would make my first day. What a wonderful way to begin a week-long dash of freedom !

3.Dig into pick out some music and movie collections that I claim to be my all-time favorites but have forgotten for long and yes, play on and enjoy .

4. Lounge out with that book in hand, that I had been trying to finish off for the last one month.

5. Indulge in creamy conversations over sunset , never having to bother about how hasty the clock-needles could get, of course, with an exotic flavor of coffee in hand(I am usually more in to my refreshment than my tête-à-tête ).

6. Drive over to that friend’s place and talk about stuff, I would not, otherwise ,(because , the other days, it’s just orkut/mobile calls/SMSs that would keep relationships intact ) and at the end of it promise myself to turn in more often, ‘coz it would make me blissful to realize how long and old is the friendship.

7. Shop, shop and shop ! Blow out money on a couple of new Jeans, kurtas, a new pair of shoes, music CDs, pastries, ice creams , junk jewelry and surprise gifts for evryone, at home.

8. Take my time to rejoice those old , some very old photographs and feel nostalgic. I might even enjoy a tear or two, if some of those would elicit the most beautiful memories of my Life.

9. Visit a new restaurant in town with a cozy ambience and relish the pleasure of delicious cuisines (ohh, yea , it has to be continental) and the companionship of the whole family together.

10. Pamper myself with a honey-yogurt massage and fritter away time lavishly in the shower and come back and add on to the leisure with a long and a sweet-dreaming nap , only to wake up to find how swift and heavenly has it been to spend a week, doing nothing but Living.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dave enjoying a cup of fury !

Dave is in the classroom , when his teacher
walks in astonished
“Dave, what IS wrong with you ? You have hurt Pearl again ! “

Dave throws a flabbergasted look at both of them and for this one time, his instinct shoves him into an explosion of fury, fury and more fury.

(Turns and bends slightly so that his but appears protruded from underneath his shirt and the muck over it is clearly visible) .


“Calm Down, Dave “ . Ms Ruggets appears a little concerned now and surprised because she has not seen Dave quarrel with others .
“Pearl, is that true ? Did YOU push him into the muck today ?”

“Ms.Ruggets. umm, I did that, yes, but he called me names and he…he took MY strawberry cheese cake …it’s him “

“Forget it. (Sighs).I want you both to show a modest quantum of dignity while in class. Dave, I understand you have your own hitches, back home but let this be the last time I hear a complaint on you and Pearl, you MUST stop inviting Dave into quarrel for me retain my sanity. PLEASE ! “

“I’ve got cheese sandwich and Egg Bacons. Unlike you, I am gifted with a fine attitude of benevolence. I don’t mind you joining me for lunch, if you are too afraid to show any one that you’ve lost your pocket money for lunch and are starving”
That’s Pearl speaking, of course after Ms. Ruggets leaves . Pearl sometime is Commanding . And she has got the style of making herself clearly dominant.

“No THANKS. I hate the smell of packed food.(scowls in disgust) By the ways, I am NOT afraid of anyone, anyone at all. You wanna try that kid ? Now get off me, will you?”

Now well, Dave can pretend to get commanding, even if he gets a trembling throat most of the time. But this time, he could convince himself that he saw that taken-aback kind of look on Pearl’s face and that is a sign of victory.

Nevertheless, twenty minutes later, someone just saw Dave parking himself , closest to Pearl and his face dug into the Lunch kit of Pearl’s and if the listener was not wrong, this is what he heard Dave say ,

“I Looovvvveeeeeeeeeeeee Egg Bacons…hmmmmmmmmmm “ .

----- To be continued !

Monday, May 7, 2007

Perfect things to make a bad day !

I am sure, for the Topic cited down here, there could be an endless shackle of reasons to build. It could be as dynamic and unique and funny as each one of us could get
Well, I could have thought of more, I know
But I am giving it what my imagination could fetch in about, may be, the first five minutes…

Perfect things to make a bad day !

At least to me, these are hotties on the list of things that drive me nuts, well, almost.

1. You are driving to work and the instinct pops up, out of the blue, reminding you that you were supposed to be 30 mins earlier to work that day and you, like ever, aren’t.

2. You make a heedless effort to push yourself into the To-Do’s and grin, while flicking through a number of junk mails only to find your boss, creeping up, politely asking, “ Would you mind to update me on the status of it…?”

3. You go to this scrumptious pastry shop and discover that one last piece of your all-time favorite is being shared over by an annoyingly flirty couple.