Thursday, June 28, 2007

No more new Handsome young heros ! :(

I was so sad to hear that director/cinematographer Jeeva passed away after a Heart Attack, last Tuesday. I have always always enjoyed his movies, only three directorial ventures so far though.

12B,Ullam Ketkume more, Unnale Unnale had been so youthful, bubbly, peppy and most importantly so sensible !! He had been for sure a unique director, besides his amazing work as a cameraman in countless number of Tamil and Hindi movies .

Well, that would also mean no more looking forward to some cool looking guys (like Shaam and Vinay) being introduced on Big Screen.

Nevertheless,let his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dave hitting 10

Dave is all dressed up and pleased with himself so much that he almost forgot how long he had been waiting for his Birthday cake to arrive. He hastily looks at the clock and frowns in annoyance.
Dave turns 10 today and that has given him the top of the world feeling because he is entering the 2 digit series.

Dave to his mom : “Aren’t they supposed to deliver the cake in 20 mins or so. I can sue them for this. I am an adult.!! ”

Mom : “Nope, that’s the pizzas. By the ways, you don’t become an adult until you turn 18.”

Dave : “Sheesh, I should have ordered a birthday Pizza, Dad said he anyways has the cake for me “ .

Mom : “ oh yes, Your dad just gave a call . He will here in no time. Are you staying with him tonight? “

Dave: “Yes, Kids whose parents have broken up don’t have too many options” .

Mom : “Dave, not again, not today, at least”

Dave “Am going to order pizzas for my birthday.”

Calls up the Dominos and starts shrieking in the highest ever pitch his voice could shoot up to.


The other person: “I am so sorry sir, could you please give us your details”


Quickly passes on a number.

Mom: “That was your dad’s number. “

Dave: ”Yes, I’ll have the pizzas by the time I get there with dad “

Mom : “And the cake? “

Dave : “That is not likely to come. I think I gave dad’s address when they asked for it yesterday”.

For those who have only recently been checking my blog, Dave is a fictional character whose parents have broken up. He peeps into my imagination and my blog, just whenever he feels like.

Monday, June 18, 2007

You don't become unique by standing out of the crowd.

Okay, I am just pretending to have returned from the US . Oh yea, I am very much an Indian by birth. But because I happened to live in a country (okay may be for a few months alone), that is the most fantasized about, I couldn’t help changing my behavioral harmones to fit into that of an all-American crowd.

Nevertheless, I now find it ridiculous to get back to the pure Indian self.

A few scenarios , I use the Americanism in…

1. I walk into a pastry shop and after browsing through the stretch of munchies on display, I ask the person at the counter with an indignant look, “ How many calories is this doughnut ? ” .

2. I am driving a long way and stop over to check for my route, with someone
“ Thanks , I appreciate it, Is that going to be a Freeway ?”

3. I feel annoyed when I don’t find toilet rolls in hotel rooms.

4. I vehemently refuse to remove the airline tag from the laptop bag, I carry everyday. (This is not an American attitude, though).

5. I can’t help praising the discipline in American traffic, every time I get to drive.

6. I scowl in disgust at the street beggers.

7. I suddenly seem not to mind using the word fu----- for at least half a dozen statements I make every hour.

Okay, there are more to it. But these were the commonest I have found. It’s a pity that the western influence could get so very contagious on a person who hails from a country that talks so rich of culture !

I insist I am not generalizing this on just any Asian who flies back from the west. There are quite a handful who stay Indian, after coming round the globe.
I mean, because you happen to be a US-returned, walking around the town looking for diet coke and burgers in India , when all that you really want to fill in, is a bowl of steamed rice and dal and salad , Would you mind giving it a break ! !!!

P.S This post is not intended to offend anyone nor is it to brand all those US-returned guys Americanized !

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Why can't good things last a little longer !

I wouldn't have realized it if it was not for the unusual jam of traffic, as early as 7:30 AM, yesterday. I decided to drive in a little early to work and was wondering what was pulling all these folks, so madly, at such an early hour.

I mean, traffic in Trivandrum, any day would not be as crazy as in Bangalore.

And then, there were these mobs of school children all around. It took me their not-so-happy faces to grasp the point that schools were reopening after the holidays.
(I must say, not everyone's face was unhappy, but mine indeed went gloomy, when I had this abrupt feeling that it's back to school today )

I felt so thankful, that I didn’t have to face this terrible day anymore. Having been able to scoop up two whole months all for myself, with no schools, no homework, no teachers (and the sad thing was no friends, but that was okay, you would catch up for all those lost out time, later during school) , used to be the best thing of my life, until I was in the 9th grade.

(We could not take the liberty of fleeing school during summer, after 9th ‘coz there were classes held on holidays, for the next grade because the teachers wanted to wind up lessons, much before the end of the academic year, to let us take time to revise stuff).

I reckon I used to chuck all my text books and question papers out on the ledge of the cupboard, on the last day of the exams and run around , having lost total control of my sanity.
I am still in love with that moment.

End of the holidays , to me, were always like the dementors of the Harry Potter books. Nothing could have more easily sucked out all the joy and hope, from my insides. I really don’t know why I hated school reopenings so much, because, things used to get more fun n nice, slowly, in about a month.

But the first day of school, any year, any place was always just too awful.