Monday, August 17, 2009

So much to live for...

How many times does life offer you free shows of real-life romance? Well, I am talking about couples who are connected by this most-overused-word-in-the-world, love. It must be prompting to think ‘all the time’ because you see couples everyday who hold hands, kiss, laugh together, rub against each other, or the worst, make out outdoors. But how many of them make you feel life is indeed worth living?

For the first time this year, we had a rainy evening and I stopped by Taco Casa to see what’s that people so love about watching downpour from behind closed panes. I waited for a planned thirty minutes for my husband which stretched onto another thirty, sitting by a window table, trying to enjoy the rain which I honestly couldn’t. There was this guy who I don’t want to describe physically because he later proved to be more good looking by heart than by his looks. We had something in common. Both of us were waiting for our partners but unlike me, he was sipping on a drink. No ring on the left finger. I was sure he wasn’t married coz as far as I have seen, it’s considered a sin in the US for married men and women to be not wearing rings. I doubt if he thought about me the same way because I wasn’t wearing my ring either or my wedding chain but I am married. After a sore hour of wait, Aravind texted me saying he’s stuck in traffic. I thought I should just go ahead and respect what my tummy wanted. So I started on my sandwich occasionally looking around to keep myself entertained. That guy was on phone. Another thirty minutes later, I wanted to leave the place coz waiting for Aravind does not always give me planned results. On one side, there was me, impatient and wanting to leave and on the other side, there was this guy who not for once from the ten to fifteen times that I noticed, wore an impatient look. Okay, 10 more minutes, I thought and looked over at the other table again. He wasn’t there. Before I could assume that he could have left, I saw him walking over to the entrance of the restaurant which by now was fully occupied. When he came back, he had his hands on the shoulders of a very, very pretty girl. So he wasn’t mad at her for being late. He couldn’t have been coz she just was so pretty. She smiled but apologetically seemingly for having had him wait for long. He smiled in return but with apparent love. They walked back to their table and the sight of them together made me smile. They were the prettiest couple in the restaurant but sadly no one seemed to notice, except for me. I pretended to be occupied with my phone but that minute only the corners of my eyes worked. They made such a lovely pair, I wanted to tell them. I was tuning up my ears to eavesdrop on them but it was way too noisy for me to even get close. Finally, I shoved my phone on the table and with a deliberate gut, turned to boldly look at what seemed to be the most beautiful couple I had seen this season. They were talking. Like they say, love is beyond words or languages, this couple really didn’t require either. They were talking but with their hands. I think they call it the sign language. He was capable of speaking, of course. She was not and he used a language she understood. For the next one minute, I sat there, gazing at them, unmindful of the point that I was intruding their private space. But I just didn’t care. I couldn’t find a word to describe these two people who sat right across me, so in love, so beautiful and so much more beautiful because of what they had and what they hadn’t.

I wanted a gulp of water to tone down my emotional flow that moment. I turned away to the window though I didn’t feel like and may be for the first time ever, the rain outside seemed just perfect.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Luckily happened to land on the sound track of Oy! while hopping over the latest releases in Telugu and am hooked to Seheri. Toshi, I didn’t know you even existed. It’s totally your song. There’s always something soulful yet intelligent about Yuvan’s music, don’t you agree? The album marks a collage of frisky and dreamy tunes, well except for Anukoledenadu. If only that were as impressive as the other tunes, Oy! could have elevated Yuvan’s paradigm. Anyways, Sidharth is as charming as ever on the songs and I can’t think of a better singer than himself for the title track. Shamilee??? Where did your allure as Anjali pappa vanish? Her presence doesn’t do anything to the gig of Oy! or is it because Sidharth steals the show? I don’t know how the movie fared but as of now, back to the replay icon that goes Seheriiiiiiiiii….

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The world dedicates this day to people who make your life...

There's someone in your life who voluntarily opens your fridge, takes that last piece of cake you made three days ago, tastes and goes " made that and ate all of that. It tastes awful". Well, protesting doesn't always win with those who don't care how dark your weaknesses are. But smile on, you got a friend.

If you can call someone at 2:00 AM and tell him/her you met a hottie today, not for once feeling sick about disturbing his/her night, you've got a life 'coz you got a friend. It comes at a tiny price of shushing him thru' his cursing for doing so, though.

Remember a time when the chaai tasted just plain boring? Yea, you by all probabilities were having it alone then. If chaai is just another reason to walk over the clock with those who you call friends, talking about stuff that mean nothing but linger in your hearts forever, life just got richer.

You are separated by a decade, a thousand miles and those inevitable changes. Memoirs and dusty photographs make just what you call the gone-old remains of a great relationship. If one such memory tickles your senses and makes you wonder if it does the same to the other person, you still got that friend, beyond the time and the distance and the changes that fell between.

If there's a reason I want to go back to school or college, despite books that are frightening and teachers who are born grump or to simply to get back to those days under the hot sun, it's only friends..