Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Come Back soon Munna !!!

If only people who genuinely had transformed into better human beings after having gone through their own rides of mistakes and failures, were let free by the court, Sanjay Dutt could have been back very well, doing movies as good and entertaining as the MunnaBhai series. He appears to have had his share of trauma with all that had happened around the ’93 Mumbai blast case. And life can't be all low rides. Perhaps it was life’s way of gaming by bringing him to one of the most entertaining stars in Bollywood, with his recent flicks.
Well, me not a particular Sanjay Dutt fan. But Lage Raho Munna Bhai was the best movie I got to watch in 2006, yes more than Rang de Basanti. And I am so eagerly awaiting his next flick in the series. May be this time, it will be tough to have this feeling that ‘He’s in jail now’ while watching the movie.

Nevertheless, he somehow made me sympathize after I watched the judgement that he is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment . Well, now that he has been much liked about Munna, I just wish he is bestowed with the strength to let this cloud pass through him and we get to see more of his movies. Till he gets back, take care Sanjay and
Tension nahin lena ka Mammmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooo !!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Life has to move on, but somethings just don't.

Sometimes I wonder what would Life mean if it was not for the people around you who love you more than anything else in this world. When I was young, I would ask mom what is God and I still love to believe in what I was taught. God could not make himself available to every one in this nutty world. So he created a home and a few people to take care of us and love all the sanity and insanity we were born with. We call them family. And somehow they go on to become the base of our spirit. We wouldn’t know.
The strange and the natural part of it all is that when Life takes you to different destinies, you would crave for those times when you could sit together for a lousy chat or the hug you used to simply get when you got back home in the evening.

I remember, when I hit the gate at 4 o’clock in the evening from school/college, my grandmom (maternal) would wait for me at the doorway, simply to greet me with a smile (ohh, I would do anything for that beautiful smile of hers). She would kiss my hand (I wouldn’t let her kiss my cheek because I would be all sweaty and dirty after the tiring day) and follow me in to talk of how the day was.

My grandmom, mom and I would get down to a cozy chat over a nibble and talk of all that had made the day. It always enthused me to find that my grandmom was more interested (than my mom) in discussing all the crazy things we used to do at college, all the latest fashion on TV, cheesy episodes of some of our favorite programmes, my friends et all. She would ask me if I had seen that latest ad on TV, where a girl came in a very trendy salwar suit. Sometimes I would just whisk her comments off saying, “No Achi (Grandmom in Tamil), I don’t think it’s nice”.

We lived in the same place, same compound I mean but she used to live in a separate house for she needed her own space and had so many styles I wouldn’t understand. Sometimes she would beg me to have a spoon of payasam (kheer) she prepared when I would be racing like an athlete to find a place in my morning cab. My cab driver would have already lost all the patience in the world, after waiting for me for 10 minutes.
Sometimes when I would walk over to wish her Good Night, I would find her sitting in a rocking chair, in the corridor, gazing at the stars. And I would assume she was thinking about grandpa. But most of the time, she would be engrossed in a book.

She used to buy me pastries and chocolates every day when I was in school. And as I was enjoying my late teens, I think she still didn’t want to treat me the same way with chocolates and cakes so she would ask “shall we go out for a pizza! “. And those evenings when we would flick appa’s car and drive down to the bakery to have pizzas and ice creams still linger in my heart and I know they would always make some of the best memories of my life.

She may not be with me now. But when I look within, I feel truly blissful to have a smile at the memories I had with her and to have a feeling of warmth she left in me. Some relationships in life have a beauty of their own to be best experienced and left unexplained because words may not do justice to describe the best of what life gives you. Even while distance has intruded your bonding, there is no stopping the relation that is built, there’s no stopping the love, because more often than not, the best things in life are not always tangible.

This post is in dedication to my Achi, who left us this day, three years ago.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What do I call it

The sky is blanketed by the flounce of the clouds. It’s like heavens sprinkling down the drops to the ever thirsty terrain. Traffic is oddly less. Blame it on the rain. It’s 5 o’ clock in the evening and people seem to have somehow forgotten that. There isn’t any rush in any one’s heart to get back home. May be the beauty of it all has taken me by storm and I refuse to take my eyes off it. My silky beige curtain is vehemently trying to kiss the rain but the iron bars against the windows are its sudden villain and the flow of the breezy air is what the curtain is battling with. I have helped it the best, by keeping the windows open the farthest. But I can't hide a smile at the restless dance of it . ‘Please Forgive me ‘ by Bryan Adams is looping on my system. The Moment is in complete purity and the world is in harmony.

If only this moment could be painted, I would describe it as my love and would want to rewrite ‘Paint my Love’ by MLTR. But then again, the best moments can neither be painted nor described. They need to be experienced and lived and relived by memories. I am in Love, head over heels, with this magic I am experiencing right now and feel like hugging God for creating a place as beautiful as the earth.

Monday, July 23, 2007

And another Monday !!

Why did God have to create Monday mornings? Okay, my scholarly instinct has given an immediate reply that only then you can have Friday evenings !
Yeah, that’s so true and if life was all like partying over the weekend every singly day, then the thrill of looking forward to those 2 days of living life, would fade into the blue.

Nevertheless, weekend was just awesome like any other. More rejuvenating this time, as I repeatedly surprised myself with more exotic cooking than ever!

With Aravind away at work, had to get friends with a couple of DVDs and so picked ‘Provoked’ and ‘Cheeni Kum’ from the library. I better not talk of
Cheeni Kum, a movie well deserved to be forgotten, though Amithab stood out like ever.

Provoked’ was thoughtful. Definitely not an entertainer, it kept me glued, despite the incessant prison and court scenes for the true story it was based on.
It is gratifying to find movie makers who, amidst all those commercialism we adapt to sell the movies these days, dare to set out on a venture, projecting nothing but truth for a cause as good as, may be, Global awareness.

Provoked’ may not find a slot in the biggest movies of 2007. But if the money made at the box office is kept out of the criteria that makes a movie, Good or Bad, then Jagmohan Mundra (director) can be proud of what he created.

Ash was a powerful face to portray the real-life character. She (am not particularly an Ash fan) has shown immense maturity in depicting a personality as influential as this. The movie on the whole was quite filling to make up for the hollow created by Cheeni Kum.

So that made all and I had to kiss my weekend good bye. And am here, calling Monday a fresh start to something nice and counting down the days to Friday evening.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doodling self !

Aravind, (that's my husband, if I had not mentioned that before) told me his friend had met with a damn accident, a couple of days back and that when he went to the hospital to pay him a visit, it was really a shaking experience to see the entire hospital flooded with casualties in the middle of the night. It’s so depressing to think of the increase in the count of road accidents that occur every day. If only people could get a wee bit more lucid on their life and others …
Anyways, I wanted to distract this sagging thought off my mind and tried answering a set of questions I found on the internet, which were indeed, well, distracting.
And I thought I’ll tune them up to make a post on my blog.

And oh, by the ways, Aravind’s friend is doing fine with a minor bruise on forehead.

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it:
Come to think of it and I go nuts because I’ve got 3 dreadful ones on my left hand. I once slipped off the vehicle and got hauled over the debris of some construction materials.

2. What is on the walls in your room?
Walls ? The Qn should’ve been what’s on my bed and I would have named loads, coz that’s my table cum reading room cum workshop cum writing pad.
But let me try to answer this, hmm…books, some read and over read magazines, some T-shirts and the dupatta I wore yesterday.

3. What does your phone look like ?
Grayish blue MotoRazer and it’s brand new !! In fact I still haven’t got off the hang of the latest features it has .

4. What music do you listen to?
Anything, excepting hard metal.

5. What is your current desktop picture?
A R Rahman – A still from Pray for me Brother.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Banana Fry from the canteen, upstairs. I have lately developed a gaping crush for it.

7. Do you believe in gay marriage?
I genuinely have no comments on it. If it’s fine with you, I don’t disrespect it.

8. What time were you born?
Can’t remember. What big deal ?

9. Are your parents still together?
Yes, thankfully.

10. What are you listening to?
Tere Bina from Guru.

11. The last person to make you cry?
Any out-of-family member. Only my family sees me cry.

12. What is your favourite perfume/cologne?

13. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?
I don’t really look for eye/hair color in any person.

14. Do you like pain killers?
Of course, if it can put an end to a thing as bad as pain, why not ? But if it’s going to be worser than the pain like alcohol, then No Thank you, I am alright.

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
I din't have to. He did it for me :P

16. Fave pizza topping?
Cottage Cheese, Red Capsicum, Grilled chicken !

17. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Banana Fries, Chicken cutlet, Cold coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, Devil’s own food cake with vanilla Icing ! (Ohh mine, why did this questions have to be there ???? )

18. Who was the last person you made mad?
I usually drive everyone at home crazy. My in-house folks have now learnt to retain their sanity during my most vulnerable moments.

19. Have you walked out of a movie theatre before the movie ended ?
Yes, several times, the last one was Neal n Nikki (I just couldn't stand it) .

20. Is anyone in love with you?
Yes, every one in my Life and am so much, so very much in love with them, back!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mom, Roses and valentine's day.

It’s the eve of valentine’s day. Dave is sitting all alone at his father’s place. He appears thoughtful, solemn.

Seeing his dad enter the room, Dave forces himself to offer a smile but doesn’t resist asking him the first thing,

“Dad, have you got any roses for mom”

Fed (That’s the short for Federer, Dave’s dad and I realize I hadn’t given him a name so far ) manages to keep the smile, though he could feel a sudden sense of hollow inside.

“No son. I haven’t” He kneels down to hold Dave. They face each other now.

“You always used to get her flowers when we were at the Red Tulip Cottage”. Now Dave can put a grave face when ever he feels like, especially with his dad and it might seem so genuine that Fed always tends to feel “oh-my-baby-anything-for-you” sort of thing.

“Yes, but things have changed now. Your mom and I don’t live together any more. You are a big boy to understand that. Right “

There is a pause .

“Can we go to see mom, tomorrow? “ And yes, he hasn’t changed his expression.

“Dave, Dave, now, you cannot be a baby. You know that’s not likely to happen. We cannot do that”.

“Why? Pearl’s mom and dad are going out for dinner tomorrow. Ms.Ruggets is not coming to school at all tomorrow. I saw your friend, out there buying roses! Why can’t I have all this ?”
Dave is shouting now and he has no idea what he is saying. Pearl hasn’t told him anything about her parent’s plans for Vday. Ms. Ruggets is ill and has not been coming in to school for the last 2 days. Dave really did not see any friend of his dad’s buying flowers. But who cares, Dave has got his reasons to sound defensive.

“Why can’t I have a normal life. Why is it like I have to stray around at your place and mom’s all the time. I am not asking for more. Just one evening at my house, OUR house. Can’t that be done. I am hurt, dad”.

“Dave, whatever the reason, you cannot get this adamant. Alright ? Your mom and I have decided to stay separate for some reasons. You may not understand and I don’t care about it. You don’t want to stray around at both the places ? Fine ! You can stay wherever you wish . And I am sure I will not ask you to come , stay with me, ever, EVER. Do you understand that ? Now, I want this discussion to end here “ ! Dave was for sure taken aback by the fury he saw on dad’s face. Fed doesn’t usually yell like that.

There is a pause again and Dave walks to his room, with a bowed head.

Thirty minutes later …

Dave is sitting on the bed, fiddling with the letters of scrabble.

Fed walks in. He is guilty. He has not shouted at Dave, this badly, before.

He quietly walks in and sits on the bed and smoothes Dave’s hair.

“We’ll go tomorrow to mom’s”

Dave swiftly looks closely for any that’s-not-going-to-be-easy kind of hints in Fed’s eyes. But there isn’t any.

“But you have to give me a word that you will not tell her anything that happened between you and me. It’s all going to look like a casual visit. Alright ? “ Fed is smiling now and Dave always feels his dad has got the best smile ever.

“I promise” Dave wipes out a tear from his cheek.

Fed goes back to the living room and Dave finds him immersed in a book.

There’s someone in pure stealth at the phone and Fed isn’t bothered a bit.

“Hi Mom, It’s Dave”

“Dave, what’s up. Why are talking so low? Is everything ok“

“Yes, I just wanted to tell you that Dad is planning for a surprise visit tomorrow.”

“What, Dad? “

“Yes, he says, he must meet you for the valentines day”.

There’s a pause on the other end.

“Mom, so see you tomorrow evening. Dad said he would like some pastas for dinner”.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just a little Magic !

What’s it with this Potter boy? Just a bit of magic and he has the world hooked to his tricks.

With the last in the series all set for release, every one I know is talking about Harry’s end. J.K Rowling seems to be the most talked about person this season and I genuinely can’t get over the incredible way she personifies the book.

Anyways, Could Harry die? That would mean that the good has lost over the evil.

The polls on TV said Harry could probably die in the last book and there could be sequels further, bringing him back from the death. That could get it all stirring but nevertheless I would want Harry to survive and win over Lord Voldemort (I always wonder why is Voldemort addressed ‘Lord’ in the first place, when he is nothing but a bundle of evil) and reinforce the presence of righteousness.

The author may kill Harry, if this is the last in the series because she may not want the character to be consumed by another author.
That aside, some one (close to Harry) must die in the book not to break the convention that has been persisting in the series. Alright, but please let that not be Harry and please, please let that not be Ron or Hermione either.

Monday, July 9, 2007

"I.....Errrrrr......Ummmmmm.....Sure....Thank you "

“This could get disappointing for you, but I’m afraid your performance has not been up to the level of expectations”. There is a punch of scorn in his statement.

“Errr….ummmmm…..” , Shit, What am I hearing ? !!

“You should understand that to pace up with the rest of the team, which I must say is efficient in every way, you have to be more, much more aggressive “ .

“Err….ummm…..” Aggressive? Should I go blast you for keeping me overloaded all the time ?

“But I believe, every one has got his or her own low rides. I trust you will learn from your mistakes” He is trying to keep himself stern yet friendly. But I know he’s NOT friendly. But it doesn’t matter. I must say something !


“Would you like to know what are the key areas you can improvise up on? “ He has his
eyebrows raised.

Is he expecting me to answer ? Honestly I don’t want to know. Why the hell would I have you tell me what my weaknesses are ! Ohh God, I want to say No, Mr.Boss, No, okay ? I don’t want to know !!!

“Yea, sure, That’s exactly what I want to know “, I have no idea what is flowing out of my tongue .

“Good, point no: one, you need to draw out a specific timeframe for your work. You can think of coming in, well, a little early so that you find time to complete your tasks”

Xcuse me ? Come in early ? Right, but in that case, I suppose I must be able to head back home at least by midnight. You don’t like me walking out before you do anyways and that’s not until your laptop shows you a zero-charge indicator. You don’t like people having a life of their own. You don’t like me taking breaks at work. You don’t like ME !!!!

“well, err…..actually ….” Come on, say something.

“Sandhya ?”

Shhhhhheeeeeeeeesh !

My imagination sometimes could get annoyingly speedy when it comes to scenarios where am most likely to lose.

I turn back and am sure I look like I have just unknowingly gulped down a chunk of dung. But who cares, that’s how I feel totally.

My boss looks perplexed to see my face sweat in an air conditioned room.

“All set ? Let’s go for the appraisal discussion” Only HE can smile.

“Absolutely ! “, I manage a smile and follow him maintaining the curved-lip , like having an appraisal discussion is the coolest thing of my job.

Monday, July 2, 2007

You become old when you don't play

and you don't play when you become old....

Whoever said that, I love you !

I went cycling after 9 years !!

Yes and it was so enchanting . I played badminton and gave a try at Table Tennis too !
No, no, I haven’t joined any sports club, nor that I am warming up for some sports event at work !
But after the day, I truly feel like doing all that.

We decided to rock the weekend out and headed to this beach resort. But more than the beach (it was so beautiful of course), it was the fun-filled games that redefined leisure.

Okay, now regaining focus on the Topic, Table Tennis is not my game because it keeps you chasing the ball for more time than you really hit it.
Thumb Rule for Table Tennis:
Have some spare balls so you don’t have to run behind the ball and definitely have someone who can pick the ball for you.

Since this rule didn't work for me, I decided to switch to other attractions.

Cycling and badminton dug in deep to bring out the kid in me! Oh my God, I Loved it like crazy !

The beach was a romantic way to kiss the day Good night and as I watched the sun go down , I promised myself to do this more often because

if chasing the clock, running on treadmill, frowning while driving, gobbling down tinned food and being with people who can drive you nuts is Life , then what the hell could Hell be ???