Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Come Back soon Munna !!!

If only people who genuinely had transformed into better human beings after having gone through their own rides of mistakes and failures, were let free by the court, Sanjay Dutt could have been back very well, doing movies as good and entertaining as the MunnaBhai series. He appears to have had his share of trauma with all that had happened around the ’93 Mumbai blast case. And life can't be all low rides. Perhaps it was life’s way of gaming by bringing him to one of the most entertaining stars in Bollywood, with his recent flicks.
Well, me not a particular Sanjay Dutt fan. But Lage Raho Munna Bhai was the best movie I got to watch in 2006, yes more than Rang de Basanti. And I am so eagerly awaiting his next flick in the series. May be this time, it will be tough to have this feeling that ‘He’s in jail now’ while watching the movie.

Nevertheless, he somehow made me sympathize after I watched the judgement that he is sentenced to 6 years imprisonment . Well, now that he has been much liked about Munna, I just wish he is bestowed with the strength to let this cloud pass through him and we get to see more of his movies. Till he gets back, take care Sanjay and
Tension nahin lena ka Mammmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooooo !!!


chronicwriter said...

6 years imprisonment... He is gonna get a royal treatment inside the jail anyways... Considering the emtional games played by Riya pillai and Leander Paes, the six year imprisonment is nothing...

ScRiBbLeR said...

But so much hype.. from his shirt color.. to now
"Sanjay's 1st night @ jail.. " this media is dong too much.. !!!
And yes I would love to watch MunnaBhai in America!!

Honey Bee said...

6 years...for what? After he has realized his folly and who has turned to be a good citizen!

Well, his links with the underworld is wrong. That he tried to destroy the illegal possession is what that bothers. Had he been punished then, he would not had sympathizers both from the film fraternity and from aam adhmi...

A delayed Punishment is as good as doubled punishment !!!

The Mahathma said...

I feel terrible ! theere are worse people roaming around freely outside! and it is a very harsh punishment!

so the next movie is Munnabhai chale Central Jail