Monday, July 9, 2007

"I.....Errrrrr......Ummmmmm.....Sure....Thank you "

“This could get disappointing for you, but I’m afraid your performance has not been up to the level of expectations”. There is a punch of scorn in his statement.

“Errr….ummmmm…..” , Shit, What am I hearing ? !!

“You should understand that to pace up with the rest of the team, which I must say is efficient in every way, you have to be more, much more aggressive “ .

“Err….ummm…..” Aggressive? Should I go blast you for keeping me overloaded all the time ?

“But I believe, every one has got his or her own low rides. I trust you will learn from your mistakes” He is trying to keep himself stern yet friendly. But I know he’s NOT friendly. But it doesn’t matter. I must say something !


“Would you like to know what are the key areas you can improvise up on? “ He has his
eyebrows raised.

Is he expecting me to answer ? Honestly I don’t want to know. Why the hell would I have you tell me what my weaknesses are ! Ohh God, I want to say No, Mr.Boss, No, okay ? I don’t want to know !!!

“Yea, sure, That’s exactly what I want to know “, I have no idea what is flowing out of my tongue .

“Good, point no: one, you need to draw out a specific timeframe for your work. You can think of coming in, well, a little early so that you find time to complete your tasks”

Xcuse me ? Come in early ? Right, but in that case, I suppose I must be able to head back home at least by midnight. You don’t like me walking out before you do anyways and that’s not until your laptop shows you a zero-charge indicator. You don’t like people having a life of their own. You don’t like me taking breaks at work. You don’t like ME !!!!

“well, err…..actually ….” Come on, say something.

“Sandhya ?”

Shhhhhheeeeeeeeesh !

My imagination sometimes could get annoyingly speedy when it comes to scenarios where am most likely to lose.

I turn back and am sure I look like I have just unknowingly gulped down a chunk of dung. But who cares, that’s how I feel totally.

My boss looks perplexed to see my face sweat in an air conditioned room.

“All set ? Let’s go for the appraisal discussion” Only HE can smile.

“Absolutely ! “, I manage a smile and follow him maintaining the curved-lip , like having an appraisal discussion is the coolest thing of my job.


chronicwriter said...

keep the upward curve intact.. i am lucky.. my boss reads my blogs... hehe... he is the best boss i can have( boss! where ever you are!! come and read this comment... i have my performance appraisal this week)

PurpleHeart said...

And am lucky MY boss doesn't read my blogs !! hee hee !

Anju said...

haha...yeah which is why I left out a lot about my old work place. I had good bosses but at the same time, there were times when you feel "arrggh"!!!

Smi said...

i very much get reminded of 'OUR' appraiser and our after appraisal discussions:)

PurpleHeart said...

Anju, Bosses are most of the time good. But they suddenly can get really really hostile !

Smith, Ours is truly an 'inspiration'..hee hee !

ScRiBbLeR said...

All bosses are VERY typical.
Between be careful or you might be

Devil's Advocate said...

smone wrkin hard with the wrds..he he he.. east or waste my boss is #%@& he he he..

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy, the very word 'dooced' ran a chill down my spine...but it's ok, I mean, what I feel is what I feel.

Devil's advocate: Who's working hard with words ?

PurpleHeart said...

By the ways, this was just a weird imagination of any appraisal discussion. It wasn't exactly in reference to my experience at work ! Thanks for the comments, though.

ScRiBbLeR said...

That was just a reference that clicked seeing your post.
Didnt mean to frighten you.. :)

Bungi said...

I like the way we do appraisals where i work. At least the way my boss does mine. It is very non-threatening.

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy,it's fine and I just expressed my immediate reaction to the word 'Dooced' .

Bungi, That's really refreshing to know !

Devil's Advocate said...

gomathy is working hard with words.. he he he..
and u was wrking hard with appropriate words during ur appraisal meet.. he he he :D

PurpleHeart said...

ohh...Yea !