Monday, July 23, 2007

And another Monday !!

Why did God have to create Monday mornings? Okay, my scholarly instinct has given an immediate reply that only then you can have Friday evenings !
Yeah, that’s so true and if life was all like partying over the weekend every singly day, then the thrill of looking forward to those 2 days of living life, would fade into the blue.

Nevertheless, weekend was just awesome like any other. More rejuvenating this time, as I repeatedly surprised myself with more exotic cooking than ever!

With Aravind away at work, had to get friends with a couple of DVDs and so picked ‘Provoked’ and ‘Cheeni Kum’ from the library. I better not talk of
Cheeni Kum, a movie well deserved to be forgotten, though Amithab stood out like ever.

Provoked’ was thoughtful. Definitely not an entertainer, it kept me glued, despite the incessant prison and court scenes for the true story it was based on.
It is gratifying to find movie makers who, amidst all those commercialism we adapt to sell the movies these days, dare to set out on a venture, projecting nothing but truth for a cause as good as, may be, Global awareness.

Provoked’ may not find a slot in the biggest movies of 2007. But if the money made at the box office is kept out of the criteria that makes a movie, Good or Bad, then Jagmohan Mundra (director) can be proud of what he created.

Ash was a powerful face to portray the real-life character. She (am not particularly an Ash fan) has shown immense maturity in depicting a personality as influential as this. The movie on the whole was quite filling to make up for the hollow created by Cheeni Kum.

So that made all and I had to kiss my weekend good bye. And am here, calling Monday a fresh start to something nice and counting down the days to Friday evening.


chronicwriter said...

cheeni kum was pathetic. i agree. amitabh has suddenly started attacking girls half/quarter his age... will watch provoked though.. sounds gud..

ScRiBbLeR said...

I thought Provoked would be depressing!!!So never watched it..
Cheeni kum was pathetic though the 1st half was funny.. & I felt Tabu was the best!!

PurpleHeart said...

Chriz, as long as we have fine actors like Amithabh, there's no blaming him. Atleast, am glad he does roles that are of his age. It's a different story down, south. Heros are worked on, to project them younger and they don't mind running around the trees chasing heroines. Sivaji exempted.I loved the youthful look of Rajni's !!

Gomathy, I second you. Tabu was at her best !!

Anju said...

I don't even want to watch cheeni kum (I don't watch hindi movies anyway) especially after I heard about the theme...and that condom ad that uses that movie scene where he goes to buy some just grosses me out. For some reason, it just doesn't fit when Indian cinema takes up this theme of an old man and young woman. But I am curious to know the story.
And not to offend die-hard bollywood and Bachan fans, I think he's over-used. Every movie and ad has him these days. It's not appealing if it's common.

However, I do want to watch Provoked - hope to get a dvd soon.

Devil's Advocate said...

no comments.

chronicwriter said...

sandy.. you working on your templates? looks refreshing... the header lines and the flower page doesnot go along though

PurpleHeart said...

Anju, Very true, Indeed. Amithab is overused !

Anand, Why ??

Chriz, I know yaar, I am changing this, soon ! :)

Honey Bee said...

PH: I liked Cheeni Kum. Its just an entertainer! That's it!.. As the dialouge ges its just that 2 people are in love. For many their age is a problem! Is it necessary that all cinema should have some message or some justification! Can that be just fun and sheer entertainment?

Haven't watched Provoked as yet! So nothing to add.

Well, PH! this is the cooooooooooolest template i have ever seen. A Real good one. Not to fort that purple heart. My my where did you get that from?

When I first asked you to have a unique mail id, i had actually wanted to write about the black template. it wasn't soothing at all...

PurpleHeart said...

Honey Bee,

It's not about being JUST an entertainer. The ultimate point of any movie-goer is to get him/herself entertained. Myself no exception. That is the most important aspect I would look for in any movie. But I felt something was terribly missing out in Cheenikum. The entire way the story moved. Anyways, u know what, You and I seem to have opinions/tastes as different as the sky and earth and I like it ! :)

And thanks a ton for the comment on my new template ! I wasn't really sure how it looked . was thinking of changing it further. Even I wanted to get rid of the Balckie thing.

s4n705h said...

hey thanks for coming down to my blog.

I am not such a big movie freak so cant comment on any of the two. BTW i loved your thought on monday morning. YAY fridays are meant for partying!!

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks, Santosh !

Honey Bee said...

Yeah you are right! Very Opposite!

Pls. dont change this one.. if possible just work on the font color alone in the header.. coz the pic gets more attention than "Celebrating the Light of A Candle" Just a suggestion... hope am not taking too much advantage!

Devil's Advocate said...

as I havn't seen these movies.. and I am waiting to see at least cheeni kum(heard a very good view until now..ur blog reader says opposite.. any way I will see it.. its there in my comp but don't have enough time to give it.. :|

and yeah as always.. Monday s**ks a big time.. :|