Monday, July 16, 2007

Mom, Roses and valentine's day.

It’s the eve of valentine’s day. Dave is sitting all alone at his father’s place. He appears thoughtful, solemn.

Seeing his dad enter the room, Dave forces himself to offer a smile but doesn’t resist asking him the first thing,

“Dad, have you got any roses for mom”

Fed (That’s the short for Federer, Dave’s dad and I realize I hadn’t given him a name so far ) manages to keep the smile, though he could feel a sudden sense of hollow inside.

“No son. I haven’t” He kneels down to hold Dave. They face each other now.

“You always used to get her flowers when we were at the Red Tulip Cottage”. Now Dave can put a grave face when ever he feels like, especially with his dad and it might seem so genuine that Fed always tends to feel “oh-my-baby-anything-for-you” sort of thing.

“Yes, but things have changed now. Your mom and I don’t live together any more. You are a big boy to understand that. Right “

There is a pause .

“Can we go to see mom, tomorrow? “ And yes, he hasn’t changed his expression.

“Dave, Dave, now, you cannot be a baby. You know that’s not likely to happen. We cannot do that”.

“Why? Pearl’s mom and dad are going out for dinner tomorrow. Ms.Ruggets is not coming to school at all tomorrow. I saw your friend, out there buying roses! Why can’t I have all this ?”
Dave is shouting now and he has no idea what he is saying. Pearl hasn’t told him anything about her parent’s plans for Vday. Ms. Ruggets is ill and has not been coming in to school for the last 2 days. Dave really did not see any friend of his dad’s buying flowers. But who cares, Dave has got his reasons to sound defensive.

“Why can’t I have a normal life. Why is it like I have to stray around at your place and mom’s all the time. I am not asking for more. Just one evening at my house, OUR house. Can’t that be done. I am hurt, dad”.

“Dave, whatever the reason, you cannot get this adamant. Alright ? Your mom and I have decided to stay separate for some reasons. You may not understand and I don’t care about it. You don’t want to stray around at both the places ? Fine ! You can stay wherever you wish . And I am sure I will not ask you to come , stay with me, ever, EVER. Do you understand that ? Now, I want this discussion to end here “ ! Dave was for sure taken aback by the fury he saw on dad’s face. Fed doesn’t usually yell like that.

There is a pause again and Dave walks to his room, with a bowed head.

Thirty minutes later …

Dave is sitting on the bed, fiddling with the letters of scrabble.

Fed walks in. He is guilty. He has not shouted at Dave, this badly, before.

He quietly walks in and sits on the bed and smoothes Dave’s hair.

“We’ll go tomorrow to mom’s”

Dave swiftly looks closely for any that’s-not-going-to-be-easy kind of hints in Fed’s eyes. But there isn’t any.

“But you have to give me a word that you will not tell her anything that happened between you and me. It’s all going to look like a casual visit. Alright ? “ Fed is smiling now and Dave always feels his dad has got the best smile ever.

“I promise” Dave wipes out a tear from his cheek.

Fed goes back to the living room and Dave finds him immersed in a book.

There’s someone in pure stealth at the phone and Fed isn’t bothered a bit.

“Hi Mom, It’s Dave”

“Dave, what’s up. Why are talking so low? Is everything ok“

“Yes, I just wanted to tell you that Dad is planning for a surprise visit tomorrow.”

“What, Dad? “

“Yes, he says, he must meet you for the valentines day”.

There’s a pause on the other end.

“Mom, so see you tomorrow evening. Dad said he would like some pastas for dinner”.


chronicwriter said...

you touched me sandy... came to write a nutty comment as usual... ended up having tears in my eyes...
waiting for the next part...

Bungi said...

Nice... Dont know what to say...

Devil's Advocate said...

it was the best piece of story i ever read.. u kept an eye even for minute details.. keep it up.. and i m deeply touched by the simplicity of the story.. :)

Devil's Advocate said...

btw i guess i missed smthing.. i dint get the corelation of story and the picture.. i don't think there was any need for the picture here..(critic shld also be there, so saying this... he he he).. above all nice story.. :)

PurpleHeart said...

Chriz, Thank you :)

Bungi, Thank you :)

Anand, Thanks for the compliment. The picture could be a resemblance to the imagination Dave has on his mind. I usually fish hard for any relevant pictures on Dave's posts.But anyways, you are right, thanks for pointing out ! :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

This is the best part of Dave :)
Looks like Dave is having some plan..with every post I'm liking him more & more..
Hmm..Waiting for their meeting .. .

PurpleHeart said...

And so is Dave :)

Anju said...

hey...nice story...I thought it was going to be a sad, depressing one but it wasn't! :)

chronicwriter said...

sandy.. time for a new one...

s4n705h said...

NIce one. Never thought of such a nice story !! nice twist in the end. Loved the part played by the kid!!

But when i read it i am not able to co-related myself with dave.