Monday, July 2, 2007

You become old when you don't play

and you don't play when you become old....

Whoever said that, I love you !

I went cycling after 9 years !!

Yes and it was so enchanting . I played badminton and gave a try at Table Tennis too !
No, no, I haven’t joined any sports club, nor that I am warming up for some sports event at work !
But after the day, I truly feel like doing all that.

We decided to rock the weekend out and headed to this beach resort. But more than the beach (it was so beautiful of course), it was the fun-filled games that redefined leisure.

Okay, now regaining focus on the Topic, Table Tennis is not my game because it keeps you chasing the ball for more time than you really hit it.
Thumb Rule for Table Tennis:
Have some spare balls so you don’t have to run behind the ball and definitely have someone who can pick the ball for you.

Since this rule didn't work for me, I decided to switch to other attractions.

Cycling and badminton dug in deep to bring out the kid in me! Oh my God, I Loved it like crazy !

The beach was a romantic way to kiss the day Good night and as I watched the sun go down , I promised myself to do this more often because

if chasing the clock, running on treadmill, frowning while driving, gobbling down tinned food and being with people who can drive you nuts is Life , then what the hell could Hell be ???


ScRiBbLeR said...

That sounds like fun !!
You must be refreshed :)

Devil's Advocate said...

he he he... i know who said the quote, u mentioned in first paragraph..and i think people shld learn how to play a game from u..he he he :P

btw its been said somewhere that "there is no point in being grown up if u can't behave kiddish sometimes :)"

P.S.:- I will try to respond to ur blog whenever I chk it. Though i am not active in full fledge term right now.. a week or 2 more I guess.. nyway.. enjoy :)

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy, I must send you the snaps to show you how refreshed I was and I still am !! :)

Devil's advocate - That's an excellent point to add ..Keep them coming in. And by the ways, I really do hope you move on from your present Idle state and get fully active in blogosphere !! Take care !

Anju said...

Oh I love playing badminton for fun. Without scores! :p
It really can be refreshing after you just play for one evening. People really should do it more often!

PurpleHeart said...

I swear !! It's a pity that we have evrything around and still run like we have lost all the time in the world !

chronicwriter said...

do you still dance?

PurpleHeart said...

Chriz - Did until maybe a year back !

PurpleHeart said...

Chriz- I did until maybe a year back !

Bungi said...

Oooh. I love cycling and i have a cycle of my own. But i am not cycling as much as i used to. And i don't like treadmills. How boring it is to move and move and see the same old wall...