Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dave hitting 10

Dave is all dressed up and pleased with himself so much that he almost forgot how long he had been waiting for his Birthday cake to arrive. He hastily looks at the clock and frowns in annoyance.
Dave turns 10 today and that has given him the top of the world feeling because he is entering the 2 digit series.

Dave to his mom : “Aren’t they supposed to deliver the cake in 20 mins or so. I can sue them for this. I am an adult.!! ”

Mom : “Nope, that’s the pizzas. By the ways, you don’t become an adult until you turn 18.”

Dave : “Sheesh, I should have ordered a birthday Pizza, Dad said he anyways has the cake for me “ .

Mom : “ oh yes, Your dad just gave a call . He will here in no time. Are you staying with him tonight? “

Dave: “Yes, Kids whose parents have broken up don’t have too many options” .

Mom : “Dave, not again, not today, at least”

Dave “Am going to order pizzas for my birthday.”

Calls up the Dominos and starts shrieking in the highest ever pitch his voice could shoot up to.


The other person: “I am so sorry sir, could you please give us your details”


Quickly passes on a number.

Mom: “That was your dad’s number. “

Dave: ”Yes, I’ll have the pizzas by the time I get there with dad “

Mom : “And the cake? “

Dave : “That is not likely to come. I think I gave dad’s address when they asked for it yesterday”.

For those who have only recently been checking my blog, Dave is a fictional character whose parents have broken up. He peeps into my imagination and my blog, just whenever he feels like.


ScRiBbLeR said...

Just wrote a new post that reminded of your Dave!!
And what a coincidence.. Dave is back..!! I like him already ..
Keep it going. .

chronicwriter said...

i liked dave's hazel-blue eyes... similar to the steph mail written by gomz.. nice one sandy.. i see a dave in one of my neighbour kids.. but beileve me, those kids are emeotionally really strong.

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy, I like ur Steph too ! :)

Chriz, I believe there's a Dave inside each of our hearts and sometimes that surprises us !

Devil's Advocate said...

This is too bad.. U mentioned this in ur last blog that there was some problem which was goin in dave's house(or i guess i missed something).. but I dint expected this separate parent thing.. anyway..

nice writeup.. I had a good laugh when I read the 20 min B'day cake/pizza.. he he he but got a sudden break when read the line abt "not much option for kids whose parents are separate".. ur writeup has both mixed feeling.. keep writing.. :)

P.S.:- Just hope this story will end(if ever) at happy note.. and dave will behave like a normal citizen(if he grows till that in the story).. :)

Devil's Advocate said...

grows in the sense become an ADULT... he he he

PurpleHeart said...

Hey Devil's advocate ! Know what ! I am so glad you are back !!
Yea, it's true that Dave's parents have broken up. But Dave is brave and funny, despite all the notorious self peeping out most of the time ! And yes, Dave will indeed become a sensible adult with lots of humour !