Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Isn't this a weakness ?

I just heard someone say , the other day, that his strength is his alertness on his weaknesses and his weakness is that he knows not what his strength is.

Isn’t it funny and coherently, puzzling that we spend in a huge quantum of our life, not knowing what our strengths and weaknesses are ?

I am not touching up on the exceptions but I am quite positive on the fact that we believe more easily in what others have got to say, than what our instinct does, which is why we get more convinced and happier when some one casually passes on a compliment like “Hey, you look very nice today” .

And this is a weakness because we trust someone else’s words more easily than our own.

It’s true that we tend to be in a hurry to judge people based on their momentary activities. For instance, to look at someone shout at a fellow human being in public and scowl in disgust is instantaneous.

They could be habitual, yes, (am talking about those activities of people ) ,but are we not forgetting that to not know a person and judge him by his mistakes is barbaric ?,because the guy shouting at some one else could be a mistake , if not unreasonable and not his weakness.
He sure could have (positively speaking) done that out of the bustle of unexpected turn of events. And mistakes, we all cannot live with out. Can we ?

Making mistakes is not a weakness. Failing to learn from them is. Trusting oneself more than anybody else is a hidden secret of success , we often fail to see.

Wouldn’t it be a journey to make mistakes and discover what your weaknesses are and learn from it to make it your strength ?

I know it would be . It indeed is a journey and we are already on it. Someone called it Life !


Devil's Advocate said...

This is called human psychology.. and u can't classify it under weakness or strength.. its something taboo and something untold.. :)

Anju said...

For some reason, I don't think our weaknesses change much. But what we do learn is to put them aside for a while to get through something. In that case strength is not really the absence of weakness but the temporary over-riding of it. But you're right, people do get affected by the labels people give them. Have you watched Oprah's episodes on self-worth? she deals a lot with that.

PurpleHeart said...

very thoughtful, indeed. But I was just wondering why the weakness should not be transformed into a strength, when we have learnt what it is.