Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can I have some more please !

Nope, I am not talking about Oliver Twist.

I just thought of the first 10 things , I would be excited to do if I were to be given a whole week , all to myself, one whole week with no priorities , none at all !

Umm.., I would

1. Open my planner and jot down the list of activities that would make my week, but this time with a smile. (This shall include all that I would want to shop, do or read).

2. Bake !! Now this would make my first day. What a wonderful way to begin a week-long dash of freedom !

3.Dig into pick out some music and movie collections that I claim to be my all-time favorites but have forgotten for long and yes, play on and enjoy .

4. Lounge out with that book in hand, that I had been trying to finish off for the last one month.

5. Indulge in creamy conversations over sunset , never having to bother about how hasty the clock-needles could get, of course, with an exotic flavor of coffee in hand(I am usually more in to my refreshment than my tête-à-tête ).

6. Drive over to that friend’s place and talk about stuff, I would not, otherwise ,(because , the other days, it’s just orkut/mobile calls/SMSs that would keep relationships intact ) and at the end of it promise myself to turn in more often, ‘coz it would make me blissful to realize how long and old is the friendship.

7. Shop, shop and shop ! Blow out money on a couple of new Jeans, kurtas, a new pair of shoes, music CDs, pastries, ice creams , junk jewelry and surprise gifts for evryone, at home.

8. Take my time to rejoice those old , some very old photographs and feel nostalgic. I might even enjoy a tear or two, if some of those would elicit the most beautiful memories of my Life.

9. Visit a new restaurant in town with a cozy ambience and relish the pleasure of delicious cuisines (ohh, yea , it has to be continental) and the companionship of the whole family together.

10. Pamper myself with a honey-yogurt massage and fritter away time lavishly in the shower and come back and add on to the leisure with a long and a sweet-dreaming nap , only to wake up to find how swift and heavenly has it been to spend a week, doing nothing but Living.


Devil's Advocate said...

he he he.. list with full of priorities...[:D]

PurpleHeart said...

I wouldn't call those priorities ! They are things you enjoy doing. And priorities are those that you MUST do !!

Devil's Advocate said...

its same i guess.. u will enjoy only if u will follow the list.. so I will call this as priorities.. :P

PurpleHeart said...

We agree to disagree !!

Anonymous said...

So much to do and so little a time ! U know what...i feel...when there is a liberty to choos from and ther IS time, you wouldn't really make good use it . Only when there is an end to it, you would strive to Live in it !

PurpleHeart said...

@anonymous !
I liked you comment. Wish I had known you by a blog name ! :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Your list looks so yummy..
Its true that we ourselves are responsible for not executing these lovely things,yet the day I intend to pamper myself, becomes the most-hardest day for me!!Irony!!

Anju said...

Nice list...a person after my own heart, I must say! To answer your question: I do write a lot but sometimes I write a few at odd times and save as draft and post them together when I feel like it which is why it seems like I write non-stop.