Monday, May 7, 2007

Perfect things to make a bad day !

I am sure, for the Topic cited down here, there could be an endless shackle of reasons to build. It could be as dynamic and unique and funny as each one of us could get
Well, I could have thought of more, I know
But I am giving it what my imagination could fetch in about, may be, the first five minutes…

Perfect things to make a bad day !

At least to me, these are hotties on the list of things that drive me nuts, well, almost.

1. You are driving to work and the instinct pops up, out of the blue, reminding you that you were supposed to be 30 mins earlier to work that day and you, like ever, aren’t.

2. You make a heedless effort to push yourself into the To-Do’s and grin, while flicking through a number of junk mails only to find your boss, creeping up, politely asking, “ Would you mind to update me on the status of it…?”

3. You go to this scrumptious pastry shop and discover that one last piece of your all-time favorite is being shared over by an annoyingly flirty couple.