Monday, August 20, 2007

Dave in INDIA

Dave is eccentric after his plans for the valentine’s day had taken terrific response from his estranged parents. Fed and Sophie had in all ways decided to sit and talk things out for once, for they could in fact realize that out of every one in the world, Dave undeniably still fancies for their ‘Red Tulip Cottage’ to come back to life again with the trio . Despite all odds that has taken the relationship for a toll, Fed and Sophie do miss the life they had together, somewhere implicitly. It is just that they could not get as expressive as Dave.

So Dave finally got them say Yes to venture out for a holiday. And the choice wasn’t too difficult, with Dave always wanting to visit India, (he would naturally have the urge to meet the one who created him, right?, pretty obvious ! ) . So here they go, all packed and seated in Air India from San Francisco.

Fed and Sophie are not particularly comfortable yet with each other, though.

Air Hostess to Fed : Would you like some Tea/Coffee , sir ?
Fed: Some Tea please

Air Hostess to Sophie : And you ma’am ?
Sophie: I am fine, Thanks

Dave hisses to Sophie : I’ve read it’s not really a hospitable gesture in India to deny a welcome drink.So, go ahead and accept it, mom.

Sophie : I don’t feel like , Dave. Now stop acting like the know-all, alright ?

Dave to the Air Hostess: ‘Namaste’, my mom isn’t really keeping well. She cannot take tea or coffee at the moment. I’ll have a cup of coffee, with milk and about half tea spoon sugar and some honey, please.

Airhostess: Of course , Is there anything else I can help you with ?

Dave : Nothing for now, Namaste

Airhostess : Namaste .

Fed : Since when have you started liking Coffee ?

Dave : I still don’t like coffee, dad. That’s for you .

Fed : Really ? Thanks, but I have had my share of Tea, so you really don’t have bother, Dave .

Dave pours in the coffee into Fed’s emptied Tea cup and terrorizes him that if he doesn’t drink the coffee , he would pee right on Fed’s T shirt.

After a while

Fed has gone sick after having had treat himself to a mix of tea and coffee and that has kept him disappeared from the seat for quite a while.

Dave is indulged in a magazine (Sophie is sleeping), when the beautiful airhostess offers him a pillow.

Dave: Oh, Thanks .

She offers him two more , possibly one for Fed and Sophie, each.

Dave: No Thanks, Mom doesn’t really like pillows and I don’t think Dad would be back soon to sleep.

Airhostess: Alright

Dave : That was a wonderful coffee, by the ways. Thank you.


Devil's Advocate said...

well this time the control over story was not that good.. i guess dave should be away from his creator... he he he.. btw I still take the last post on dave as the best one.. but yeah its an adage or will become a proverb in coming time that things which is best is best because nothing comes near it(or in simple term best thing is best because it is best.. no explanation).. :P

s4n705h said...

Seems the kid is too old for his age or too cute to think loads about the people!! but he is really good.

chronicwriter said...

Air India?;.. cos Indian does not fly from SF.. rather they have code share flights from there... and hey your dave is cute.. good to see him back in action..

PurpleHeart said...

Anand, even I like the previous post on Dave the best yet ! But I felt Dave had been going thru' quite a rough patch lately and should give him a light time !

Santosh, The kid is quite way too smart, but that makes him HIM !

Chriz, Whooopss, that was a good catch ! It must be AIR INDIA !

Honey Bee said...

Goody Goody one

PurpleHeart said...

Thank you !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Looks like all these things are taking a toil on poor Dave..good that he gets the change...
Why no picture this time??

PurpleHeart said...

It is but Dave is quite resilient !

It's quite hard to find relevant picures on Dave ! When I don't find a real good one, I prefer to go with out one !