Monday, August 13, 2007

Tagged !

I must do this because Gomathy and Chriz have got me tagged.
I am reckoning a few things about myself/my life which are/were either special or funny or embarrassing to me or simply something to remember.

1. I used to hate eggs when I was young and would stealthily chuck my morning eggs onto the farthest horizon possible, and simply would pretend like I had them all. This did not go on for long ‘coz mom was intelligent enough to figure out from my happy face that I had not really had them, or I wouldn’t be happy at all.

2. I want to fuse all my likes into one point and that could get pretty long. I would try and get this done anyways. I like people who are warm and friendly yet honest and genuine with others (I am always enthused by human behavior), loneliness (sometimes), getting nostalgic with memories that bring a smile, changes in the way things look, music, experimenting out various things that might be beyond my capability (I might fail most of the time but I enjoy the experiment anyways), face cream, reading in candle light and quite a handful of things more.

3.I sometimes wonder at the change in me, that has taken place over the years. I mean, I have had my own share of time when I really used to feel uncomfortable with new people, new place, new timings etc. But I now I have learnt to enjoy them.

4.I am writing a book (yet to be titled). Yes, so that should hopefully make me an author, sometime this year or the next.

5.I am really scared of water bodies. I once, out of sheer enthusiasm, got on to some steep water slide and almost got drowned and I thought I had been swept by water to the deep sea. It was so embarrassing and I felt ridiculous when I was lifted off the water by the guards and I was screaming like I was getting pulled out of the Atlantic ocean.

6.I once fell flat on the road while walking alone but had to pull myself up and resume walking like nothing had happened. I was embarrassed to the core.

7.I had known Aravind for about 7 years before I married him.

8.I donated blood today for the first time and I feel awesome about it.

Now I don't think I have anybody from my Blogroll, who is Untagged yet. Every one whose blog I read are already tagged.

May be, Gomathy, should I just end the game here ?


chronicwriter said...

it was a pleasant surprise meeting you after the summer of 99. eight loooong years sandy.. and you still look the same.. (my extended weekend is still on...)

PurpleHeart said...

It was great to catch up with u too, Chriz ! Yea, very long time indeed !

Honey Bee said...

1. The same with me!!!
2&3. For once, we are cheese....
4. Wishes and Prayers dear
5. Me too! Me too! Dont miss the Interesting post you have here!!!
6. He he hee... Thunk...everyone of us would have faced such a situation...
7. He still wanted to Marry You? God Bless his soul!!!
8. Great Yaar!!!!

PurpleHeart said...

Oh my God, Honey Bee, for the first time ever, we are alike for quite a few nice things ! Interesting !! And 7) Yes he did ! :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Me yet to donate blood :)
Somehow I'm afraid to do that..!!!

PurpleHeart said...

Don't be...You just need to think of the cause..the pain will just flee !

chronicwriter said...

donating blood? hehehe.. ill die, if i do it...

PurpleHeart said...

No Chriz, do it once and u'll feel like u have become a nicer person !!! :)

Day Dreamer said...

u knew that guy for 7 years and still wanted to marry him Sandhya???!!!! ;-)).. i had a hell of a time with him for 4 years and at the end of it i just wanted to get as far as possible from him ;-)).. Just kidding yaar.. good choice and great guy :-)