Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just Like that . . .

My Job is running for the last 20 minutes (I am a software engineer, so I frivolously choose to go by the common techie man's phrases) and am here, hitting enter every five minutes and slowly feeling a sense of fulfillment, as I see my files getting successfully loaded .

Meanwhile, my Life around me at this moment is nothing really exciting but interesting and it goes like

1. I had got a new cubicle mate, yesterday and we got instantaneously friendly with me having to help her with the installation of printer and the like, but today it’s a new face again (I don’t know where the other person is ) and I haven’t even said a ‘Hi’ to her yet. She looks really, well, grouchy.

2. I am listening to Rang De Basanti after quite a long gap and wow, I love this album.

3. It’s almost 4:00 and Smitha and Pinko (my team buddies, ok, he is actually Jisho, but we call him Pinko, for reasons best known to us ) should be here anytime now, nudging me for the traditional ‘coffee Break’ .For me, it’s the heavenly Banana Fry break.

4. I want to tell my manager that I will be on half day leave tomorrow, but I am sure she is gonna look straight at me like I am always here to give her a headache.
(May be I should just bunk ).

5.The flowers I got for Friendship day have gone pale. But I don’t feel like taking them off my desk. They were given with so much of Love.

6. I have just taken about 2 sips of water today (Gosh, I’m gonna have to suffer from dehydration).

7.Yipppee….My job has completed fantastically with zero errors !!


chronicwriter said...

you are on leave this afternoon?

am tagging you

PurpleHeart said...

Yup ! Heading home !! And Is it like getting Tagged again, Gomathy has alreday tagged me and am yet to figure out those undiscovered facts about myself !!

chronicwriter said...

lucky you.. me gonna have an extended weekend till next sunday!. have a great weekend, and regarding the tagging business, i noticed almost all were tagged. But still i tagged everyone

ScRiBbLeR said...

That was a nice post esp when a job was running :)

PurpleHeart said...

Wow, tat sounds nice, Chriz.

Gomathy - Thanks ! :)

Anonymous said...

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