Tuesday, August 14, 2007

60 and still young !

60 years of freedom to be ourselves and it’s truly historic !

It means so much to be part of a nation that has emerged from the grapple of an alien governance to the largest democracy in the world. Economic reforms, Industrialization, international capitalism, IT boom, there has been so much happening and I wouldn’t really know but I am damn sure there is so much to boast of and am extremely proud of it.

And oh yes, they always remind you to focus more on the areas to be worked on, especially in times of celebrating your strengths. On a more serious note, we know there is a long, long way to go and India, after all the restructuring that has been positively happening over 6 decades, still remains a developing nation. I wouldn’t really deny if someone told me, the growth has particularly made the rich richer, ok, may be not, the poor poorer, but with the population shooting up helplessly beyond an accommodating limit and all the fancy development happening with the metros, there is a lot more to be accomplished to strike a balance between the urban and the rural India.

Keeping faith in APJ Abdul Kalam’s dreams, I would love to believe that India would indeed turn a superpower by 2020! But 13 long years cannot build a super nation by itself and that’s perhaps the reason why you and I are still young and raring and faithful. Some one beckoning and we cannot be away.

At this moment, though, I feel like just carelessly whisking off all the imperfections that we live with (No nation is perfect, right ?) and I am raising my glass with all festive spirit in tribute a nation that is a beautiful blend of good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light, success and failure, you and me !!

Saluting my country that has a big heart and a deep spirit, we call it home to the world, INDIA !!


JollyRoger said...

Nice post, my take (in my blog) is a little different.

The Mahathma said...



btw i was in trivandrum last weekend in kovalam!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yeah..proud to be an Indian!

PurpleHeart said...

Jollyroger..Thnx, had commented on yours as well !

Mahatma, Thnx, so hw did u like it ?

chronicwriter said...

sandy! APJ's dream.. its a great dream.. but we need solid hands ruling us, not dummies and corrupt ones... its gonna be a long wait.. hope our next generation are lucky enuff... i am really irritated when I see our roads.. where is our tax money going? who is eating it? Let us still dream on.. your post was sleek and simple.. liked it

chronicwriter said...

now when is the next one coming?

PurpleHeart said...

Up now, Chriz !