Saturday, February 17, 2007

The week that was NOT !

There is this programme on CNN IBN at the end of the week, making up stuff on events that did not really happen in the prior week. The news would be on events, the world wished to view. I contemplated on a few issues, that I, personally have always wished to see happen. I came up with the top 3 on my mind. These, I strongly believe, are issues that require serious address .The world has to indeed see them happen one day,
or so I believed.

1. I switch on the TV and hear ‘The UN launches the most discussed and the debated "WorldPeace Mission" today. The mission, starting today shall first target to do a world-clean-up by collectively directing the terrorists and the extremists and the religious activists (well the fanatic ones I mean) and the murderers and the women-and-children-exploiters and the uneducated politicians to planet Mars, where they shall undergo a decade-long resurgence programme which will include incessant training on setting up the mental, physical and spiritual fundamentals to possess and follow a life style that would by no means be harmful to the society. Our correspondent from the UN office has more details…

2. I am on my way to work and the traffic out on the road is nothing but disciplined. Cars don’t give out that frenziedly nonstop honking to overtake. I don’t see a chain of vehicles that comfortably manage to follow an ambulance and drive past the few other vehicles that give them way (well, it was supposedly given to the ambulance alone).

3. I find an e-mail which reads, ‘Owing to the augmented emphasis on Work Life Balance from the senior management and the employee union (well, that’s again something that’s part of the I-wish-it-existed list) and the frequent reports of abuse on employees who travel back late, the company has unanimously decided to stick to a strict deadline of 5:30 PM to wind up work on all weekdays . We would also like to communicate to all our employess that the office shall not be open from 6:00 PM Friday to 8:30 AM Monday, IST, which calls for a compulsory closure of all deliveries by Friday evening, maximum. The company shall not entertain any work on Saturdays/Sundays.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Sounds like a nice show, I should catch it sometime. And to add to the list, if they could start somethin like "Be Gentle with Nature"... a program which severly curbs littering, cutting down of plants, deforestation, shooting or killing animals for sport or hide... it would be great.

Devil's Advocate said...

1) Mars will be full and no one will be living on earth..

2)no comments

3)it can happen if the bl**dy TL or PM will stop giving work at the end of the day..

Nice writeup :)