Monday, February 19, 2007

It happens only in India.

Had been to a concert by Sankar Mahadevan last night and ended up having heaps of excitement.
This guys rocks ! Seriously, he knows how to keep the audience glued to the delight of watching someone perform on stage ! I was enthused by his ability to keep the entertainment ablaze for the couple of hours he rocked.

Nevertheless, there were incidents amidst the show that were truly Indian. And it was all about brawling to move ahead, closer the stage. The seating was parted into two sections, the first half and the one in close proximity to the stage was for those who had VIP passes . A barricade fenced the limit of this section. Those who did not have a pass had to be behind the barricade.

As Sankar went on sparking the excitement with his ‘Urvasi, Take it easy Urvasi’ (Yup, he sang it, despite that being originally sung by someone else), a bunch of guys from behind the barricade were desperate to get to the facade and there went an endless scream and nudges to and from the security team. They shrieked despite the heavy thump of the drums and I wonder if they could understand a word of it all that since there was enough ear-breaking sound booming out from all around, already.
And what more, Indian audience are perhaps more lured by such enthralling live events than a celebrity concert. Eyes opened in awe and heads focused on them, those unruly guys (as ddressed by the management later) caught the attention, thoroughly to themselves, orphaning Sankar Mahadevan.

Sankar, being no exception to a normally behaved human, did not want to sing to an audience that found him, well, comparitively less exciting and with no much option left, walked his way back , adding to the chaos and I could see faces (ehh, including mine), going, 'aaahhhh.....nooooo' !!!

There were announcements, requisitions , threat to call for calm, but at the end of it , it was chaos and more chaos and no body knew what was going on, until there finally descended some police force to actually tranquil the buzz of it all. They settled for some compromise or were taken by threat by the police and fixed on putting their fury out and shouted ‘Sankar ki jai’.

With in moments, the show resumed. Sankar was singing like he had not been with a better crowd and the people were dancing, singing along, yelling and merely jumping up and down, to live every moment of the exhilaration.
The tumult that had ascended a few moments ago like a Tsunami wave to agitate the fun
was absolutely forgotten or may be washed out by the zeal and the sound of the vibes that filled the evening again.

There was never a hint on how low the situation was a jiffy ago, may be it happens only in India and that made me smile with pride.

The spirit that we carry is awesome !!

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