Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She knows how many times you failed and yet looks at you like you are a winner !

Friends are like those warm showers you take in the evening, after a tired day.
The day could have been lousy or arduous or utterly confusing and you can’t wait to get back home. And nothing falls into your plan . You indeed get back home on time, put on that soothing music, light up some scented candles, give yourself some warm oil on the skin and just let yourself descend to the tranquillizing effect of warm water.
You can’t term anything more heavenly. And similar is the feeling a time spent with a close buddy can give you. Times and distances could have taken huge shapes between you both. But the memories of having been with each other over conversations and nothing else to hang around with, could go on to make the best of times ever !
I still get kissed by a smile, when memories of those good old days, spent with buddies, flow in like a gush of sea breeze.

And when you meet one after years , you realize, the energy and the young-you have really been sleeping in the deeper layers of the heart and you can’t stop wondering at how easy it is for this friend to pull them all out and you feel lighter. To garnish the entire feeling, you sprinkle a few words with a smile at the end of it
“Some things don’t change ever”


silkysilver said...

Friends compared to showers ! That's weird ! I know you are one.

silkysilver said...

I know I am one ! But who is in't ?

PurpleHeart said...

Every one is one, but why are we talking about being weird..my topic was on F.R.I.E.N.D.s !

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Hey didnt know you blog..nice to find you here :)

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Your interest in my book review made me to write one after long :)
Why no new posts?

Devil's Advocate said...

its mutual.. even sometimes they too say the same thing.. :)