Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ENDHIRAN – The pre-experience fiesta!

And the countdown to what better be(!) a feverish cinematic experience has kicked itself off in all the glorious spirits – I’ve decided to run pretty high along!

Because, here’s what I am ready to binge in – our ego – in all logical sanity –does deserve a second chance after the Sivaji debacle(! - again) – Here’s my freakish why – And all this is besides another irresistible, self-invited attempt at pulling out that spare neuron out of Shankar’s brain (which we believe he’s born with). It’s a movie-lover thing that we simply cannot go blind over !


One-and the safest bet of all - Shankar’s sensibilities – we are hoping against hope that he did sit over his book of learning while the world was recessing, on what went wrong with his last experiment with, well, the almost same team . If he tragically didn’t, God save his divine status quo in the critics books.

Two-and this has to be the trump – the world class team involved – from the visual creators of Avatar (and terminator! and Jurassic park!) to our very own masters of the soil – Rahman and the late Sujatha .

Three – One of the best thinkers Tamil Cinema sadly had to let go of – the late Sujatha’s writing - So this movie ought to live around a story despite the gig and the unavoidable need to cater to the mass. It was born out of Sujatha’s head, something that has not often gone wrong.

Four – And Finally – the demigod himself ! This probably could make one of the last sparkling moments of the incredulous journey of RajniKanth, the phenomenon, no other star has experienced. I’m touting for Endhiran for a very good chance for the man to begin his humble sign off from limelight. So, give us a last Rajni- experience while you can and move around as you hear younger voices (but still the claps). Maybe you are done. Almost!

And lastly – here’s what we might be missing – Sujatha’s dialogues. A better cinematography (not that Rathnavelu could go bad under such expectation but where did Ravi K Chandran or P.C Sreeram have to go!?) and the classic Thotta Tharani !

I will keep away from commenting on the music. For those who had to hiss under the breath(like me) in devastated expectations, come on, it’s Rahman, after all and he does need to make compromises with a Rajni film. But who knows? It might just get grander on screen.

In utter and complete hope that my spirits hold up high, in the same (if not higher) ecstasy, after I come out of it all, I am going back to the syndrome now.

If it lets me down, I am gonna give up on nobody but you, Shankar – YOU !!!!


$ph!nX said...

Quite! I am catching the show on Oct 2nd.. Going in with very less expectations :D Lets see.. And it will be my first Tamil movie here :D :D

$ph!nX said...
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Pythoroshan said...

have faith.. and go to enjoy the film.. thats the key !! thats what im going for... a fun time, not a flawless script

PurpleHeart said...

Aneesh - Me too !!! Me too !! Have fun ! :D

Roshan, I'm trying to not compare actual book - 'En Iniya Enthira' by Sujatha to Enthiran's script..But can't help letting the expectations soar. ;)

PurpleHeart said...

Whooohoo !!!!!! AND the reviews dance away to the glory of the star !!!! Can't wait till I catch the show !!! Waiting in bated breath !

Anonymous said...

It's a very nice movie.

Karen Xavier said...

And the Endhiran fever carries on :)
Been hearing loads bout it, but am not into Rajini or his movies... hope you had an enjoyable cinematic experience though.

raghu said...

No match for Superstar!