Monday, September 13, 2010

Forget 'title', what's that thing?

       I haven’t met anyone or experienced anything in the last four hundred odd hours that could have stood the remote chances of throwing in some random seeds of inspiration in me.

I feel blank.

Yup. After about twenty minutes in plain, blank nothingness to drag to this line, I’m convinced I do. What am I waiting for? An angel to slide down the sky and hand me a magic wand and kiss me in the forehead !? Gosh. For God’s freaking sake.

But actually, as a matter of everyday thing, what sort of sign is it when you have checked sleep out that door on a cool, moonlit night, because you wanted to spend some time in the living room listening to Savage Garden with a bowl of hash browns, but the song that a decade earlier sent warm butter across your heart, does – nothing, now and you realize, to shitty misery, that you have been scraping that empty bowl too long.

Honestly, what are we supposed to do when the infamous inspiration is hiding under the dead? - Mine might have slipped right off my wrist.

Sorry, I’m running fatally low.

No. I just ran out, actually



Anonymous said...

It means you are growing old !!

Karen Xavier said...

Well, this almost made me laugh... sorry, but this is exactly what I have been feeling the past few days, like stuck in time... nothing seems to be moving forward and everything just kinda sucks. I guess things/life will pick itself up in its own time... By the way were you listening to 'I knew I loved you before I met you'? I still love that song...

PurpleHeart said...

Anonymous, as painful and yucky it might sound, yea, that makes bitter sense !!

Thank goodness, I'm not alone ! I hadn't let Savage Garden in my life for almost a decade. So I thought I would start from the basics - right from 'truly madly deeply' and 'back to the moon'. Sadly, it sounded very different after 10 years. I loved (See, how I use past tense - I'm really getting old!!) 'I knew I loved you' too. I should compile an entire 90's. They were the coolest.

$ph!nX said...

"Truly Madly Deeply" still sends tingles when I listen to it.. Have you tried: "Words" from Boyzone and "Eternal Flame" by Tracy Chapman? Beautiful songs that always bring a smile upon my face :)

When I read that you are feeling blank, I assumed it was a simple case of writer's block; but No!, the "scraping the empty bowl" line was superbly put! Hmmm.. As regards inspiration, keep your eyes open.. You never know when lightning strikes ;)

PurpleHeart said...

Yup ! Not much of a Tracy Chapman fan, but Boyzone was third in my fav list after westlife and BSB. I still like the original 'words' by the unbeatable Bee Gees - always a classic !!!

Maybe I'm off that era, but I still believe 90's saw the best of pop music - so much of originality. We don't really see that kind of music in Jonas brothers or Lady Gaga, today. Sigh !

Unruly Rebel said...

well its wen u actually feel as if you were no more then dead, dead enough to experience nothing, sense nothing, the only thing to help you would be a den to move into hibernation... may you have your safe space soon... :)

My SPacE- Wen i was a boy

PurpleHeart said...

Unruly rebel, wow, that meant something ! Thanks !