Sunday, October 10, 2010

At Book People, this weekend

  -  Reading and signing ! Here’s to what started to seem like almost a meltdown - Three cheers and keep them coming in more spirited bottles, God.

So, all you (which is - only very,very few as of this date) people that I know in this still alien but beautiful town of Richmond, please find your way to the store at five on Saturday.

So, I guess, see you there, right?

Book People, Richmond, VA


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandhya,
couldn't find your email anywhere here but enjoyed looking all around your site--it's lovely. was so nice to meet you on Saturday and I hope we can keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

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Haddock said...

So how did it go ?

PurpleHeart said...

Met a few talented writers ! It was like falling back from a dream.

Anonymous said...

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