Monday, November 2, 2009

on road to, I don't know where..

It may not sound spiritually accurate but I think I have found my word. If I need to be honest about the pursuit around it, I could get really dramatic. Because, it was dramatic – the whole point of me wanting to read the book again on no particularly sensible grounds and getting jammed over the same point where it talks about having your own word and all that nonsense and then me blogging about it and lastly the most hilariously alarming fact – finding my word in just about a week after. I seriously now have to consider this point I put in rollick in one of my earlier posts – may be I am really possessed, in which case, I guess I better buck up to face more truths, knocking my door.

I wish I could write about it, I really do, albeit a personal menace to many of the (best possible) practicalities I live with. ‘Cause it just feels damn good. But still, I might risk some of the finest luxuries I have. So, let’s just say, it will for now remain within the walls of restricted premises, which, by the ways, is just me in this scenario. I wanted to write this much because I had to express here the divinity of having realized another face of my own soul. I wanted to reassure that there is an answer to all that we seek. Yea, that's what it seems like. Probably.

I think it would be worth a try to dig whatever-that-has-possessed-me now a little deeper so I don’t have to be flabbergasted with myself in future.

I am just going to choose to believe here that my family or atleast a part of my family who check my blog out won't invite me to gunshot on reading this. Sorry, guys.

Okay, that was dramatic enough; anything more might make this post a big ass of itself.

I promise I am not drunk but whatever this is - is just bloody hell of an experience- Per se.


Readers Dais said...

Hi! Purple Heart,

So uve found it and in no time,thats great.
Nowadays i think you are in a totally different world,out of the real one eh?
Finding something one seeks is the best peace of mind that one could be in,and its nice to know u are in that state right now,and hiding the word within the four walls of yourself gives you more let it be so...
Have a nice day...u have great vocabulary...very well expressed :)

Ocean Girl said...

I'm happy for your Purple Heart.

Of course I do not know you but based on your self-chosen name (I believe you chose your name), I feel you are one who would sacrifice yourself for others. So your word may revolve around being sensitive and unselfish.

And my word(s) would be speculative and nosy :)

Daisy Blue said...

I'm just wondering whatever made this change to you.. as long as you are happy :) But I still expect some lighter posts from my dear friend !

Cotton Tail said...

Its amazing how words just flow freely when you write, naturally as if watching a waterfall or stream flowing, spondaneous, seemingly effortless, rhythmic like music. Makes me feel nature and god together conspired to endow this gift upon you. You are truly blessed whether you believe it or not.

PurpleHeart said...

Dear Readers Dais, Yea, looks like am trancending. ;). Thankx for all the encouragement. :)

Ocean Girl, I am sure yours is not any of those words - From the little I read from you, it could be definitely a nice word. :)

PurpleHeart said...

Gomz, I hope I don't stay high too. Will jump right back to my smelly, nutty self. :)

PurpleHeart said...

Rassi - Wow !! You really touch my heart with your genuine praise. I can only smile in humble gratitude. Thank you and let me try and make it clear to you that - you have a fine writer in your soul, you just need to write more !!!!!! :)