Friday, November 13, 2009

Square peg..

alright, in a round hole – Me in every clearly describable sense of it!

It’s petrifying to see how people bend themselves to round-er pegs to fit in more easily, some even go out of shape. I should just quit giving away pieces of time and much larger peaces of mind to extended families who think the nicest thing to say to me is how a respectable woman my age should already be a mother or at least pregnant and how they think your avant-gardism is clearly heretical and a path to failure.

Honestly, I am quite with them on the being-confused part. But, really, who isn’t? Living in an already explosively-populous world where you get to hear at least a couple of breaking news every month, of some one your mom knows, getting pregnant and trying to reassure your mind of simply staying steer-clear can be stressful !

The world is round! What am I to do with the square peg I am born with?


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Welcome to my world... it does get tough at times. But He has His own ideas and when He decides its time an angel will come floating down. He is still deciding who to send...

anupama said...

Dear Purple Heart,
Good Morning!
Today is the great day dedicated to children!Chacha Nenru's Birthday!
An auspicious day to decide on an important fact!:)
Nature will tak balance the population;please don't worry.
Bring the cute smile and innocent face at the earliest!
nothing and nothing replaces teh honourable n noble status of MOTHERHOOD!
wishing you a wonderful day ahead...,

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Purple Heart,

Some things are not defenitely in our hands,& those hands knows what & when,nothing can be stopped nor created without those, even your thoughts...a reason behind!

Dhanya said...

Tough times eh? :|

PurpleHeart said...

Dear Anu, I'll get there someday, I hope. Someday...:)

deeps said...

everything has a time ha?
life is like that ...
maybe you could square the hole!

PurpleHeart said...

That's quite a reassurance, deeps !