Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Top 10 reasons why I am not blogging much !

1. Sitting jobless at office. This is not intriguing ‘coz when I really find time to do things I love, I don’t end up actually doing them. I can do things only when I make time out of the crazy schedules.

2. Reading, I have been into this 1-800-where-r-u series by Meg Cabot at office (now that I am actually jobless at office, there’s nothing wrong keeping company to a book, you see).

3.I find my fellow bloggers have become a wee bit sluggish too . I think I am losing the move-on spirit. Now, that’s not an excuse, I know.

4.Life seeming to have slowed down a bit, there isn’t much inspiring me to write about. May be I have learnt to love the I-don’t-have-time-to-breathe days. I could draw inspiration from my own crazy self.

5.I can’t stop mulling over why don’t I just quit this profession of writing software.

6.It’s discouraging when you know you just can’t and you can’t really get over it especially when you have all the time in the world to think about it.

7.My machine crashed yesterday and I had to let go of some of my important e-mails, let alone my favorite music and pictures.

8.Someone just asked me if my cat died. And I was like ‘WHAT?’. He didn’t bother to explain, but I guess I look like sulking over my cat’s death, but HELLO, I don’t even HAVE a cat !!! (Finger to self- That’s not a reason for not blogging).

9.I think I have really loved Enrique’s Insomniac. I have been hanging over it for the last one week, thanks again to no job at office.

10.I think I have come to the most factual part of it all. It’s insane, it’s dreadful, it can win your boss’s hatred for you. It’s called laziness and it has been my best friend for the last one whole week.


Smi said...

lazy bum!!
nice topic to select for a blog this time; u got urself freed from putting these things in a mail for me:)
Oh i am so happy that finally that dump machine crashed! ha ha ha:)

crazyBugga said...

oh so tats why my boss hates me. Thanks for enlitenin me mam [:)]

PurpleHeart said...

Smith.. I knew you would be so happy about my machine's death. I bid gud bye to it with tears ! :(

Crazybugga, yea..these bosses...I say !

Vasanthan said...
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Vasanthan said...

You have to learn something very important.

1. lay a lot of papers on the desk.pretend to start at them for long hours. hold the paper on one hand and the other hand, holding your cheek with the elbow rested on the desk.
2. open many windows in your screen and then blog. when someone is coming just press "alt-tab" and stare at the screen, with a frown.

3. occasionally close your eyes and rub your forehead like you are stressed. ( do this only when someone is looking, don waste your acting)

4. when u leave the office for the day stay back for 15 minutes and just tell your colleagues, you have some urgent e-mails to send.

that worked for me when i was working.

Santosh said...

same here.. No job. no work so me too a bit dull :)

Chriz said...

you have become lazy too.. me too.. december fever myte be...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Great//It’s called laziness and it has been my best friend for the last one whole week. //
this is the icing

PurpleHeart said...

Vasanthan, ha haa !! That was a good package of snippets! Thnx for stopping over.

Santosh and Chriz, whts happening with all of us ??

CU, it's over & Out ! :)

JollyRoger said...

Hey good post! My reasons were more contrived but ended up with laziness too. (Don't they always?)

Wish I could be in a job and still jobless too.

PurpleHeart said...

Jollyroger, it's good fun, actually !