Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The last few days and my life !

Call it the influence of Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows but that's how I felt like naming the post. Yes, finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, finally and it made a good read. After a lingering stretch of nonstop hunt and action and threat and a few very quick and unexplained deaths and some violence here and there, it was all well in the end and that was quite relieving. The author after a dreary 5th and an ok-to-read 6th series has patched up in the final book with a number of surprises and twists .The last chapter, after the strenuous read, was the funniest!!

Sunk in for an evening movie on DVD, after a long time, yesterday and it left me and my sis-in-law utterly bewildered on how can the director think of such a logic-less story. We had a good laugh, though, over the obviously stupid way the entire story progressed. I am talking about the recently much-expected-but-bombed (oh no, not Sivaji) movie Satham Podadhey.

There’s this new pastry shop out here in Trivandrum, called Square One Home made talents and this is slowly becoming my weekend hide out. You wouldn’t find too many variety eateries in this city so I don’t blame the sweet-tootheres to find it a welcome place despite the very heavy rate they price the pastries at. It manages to graciously burn my wallet with a profound hole. I don’t know, they have got this limited but scrumptious collection of some home made pastries and treats and I like it somehow. The waffle with maple syrup (I had to repeat it to myself studiously quite a few times so I could ask for it confidently the second time) is really amazing. For those who wonder at the word like I did for the first time, waffle is a wafer-like bar (harder and sweeter than wafer), baked and consumed hot and maple is a leaf that grows in abundance in the US, especially during fall.

And yea, they banned You-Tube too at office, after Orkut. Not too many days, I think, before they come up saying, sorry but we have found too many obscene usage of yahoo and gmail and google.

But anyways, that’s about it.


Bungi said...

Did you know that Sathum Podadhey is based on a real story?!!

crazyBugga said...

"There’s this new pastry shop out here in Trivandrum"

u mean u actually "buy" stuff in that city? I thot u guys still used the barter system. Anyway, good to see u progress [:)]

PurpleHeart said...

I do ! But the story that you see on screen is customised, though.

Hey...it'sn't that bad as u think either. May be u should travel around more often to know more :)

sirpy said...

He.. Me agree with you on the HP thingummy. But escaped with watching Satham Podathey.. Got stuck in a god forsaken flick called Vel.. Humpho.

PurpleHeart said...

Sirpy, yea, I thankfully decided not to give it a chance !

Roshan R said...

you've hit the nail on the head.. Rowling's last book really made up for the 5 th and 6th.. the number of twists as the end draws near are really amazing.. makes you wonder if she was planning it all along or just came across it one ingenious night after reading the 6th book and realising she had to backtrack