Thursday, December 13, 2007

Movie Reviews for the week.

Jab We Met

I really had this smile on through out the movie. Amidst all the movies that have come out recently on confused and confusing boy-girl relationships, Jab We Met was like licking a melting cone ice cream. Simple and sleek, romantic and beautiful. Though with the obvious shadows of DDLJ in some parts, Jab we Met is the best one I could catch in 2007, absolutely. And yea, I never thought I would love Kareena in a movie until this one.

13 going on 30.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t look juvenile enough to me to do romantic comedies. But 13 going on 30 was the pick for her. It’s completely imaginary. I mean, having a 13th birthday someday and the next morning you find yourself to be a 30 year old and successful and thriving and rocking??? Ridiculous isn’t it ? But that’s what she goes through and I liked the adventure. A pick for one of those Saturday evenings when you don’t really feel like going out.

Ice Princess

A fantastic theme! Do what you really want to do with life. But the whole story as such did not really keep me to it, probably because they couldn’t add more fun to the seriousness of the theme. And the characters, I felt lacked a little strength, especially Casy’s (the female protagonist’s) coach. And yea, the story is by Meg Cabot? You know the author of the Princess Diaries series. Well, perhaps not all books look good when translated into movies, I say.


Neha Nair said...

You know thanks to people like you and mm .. it makes it very easy for the viewers , or atleast me .. cos me watching a movie completely depends on the review I get to read. Good going :)

Santosh said...

Have seen 13 going to 30 Longggggggggg back. Loved this sweet comedy!!

It was a mixed reaction while watching Jab we met and am yet to see the Ice Princess!

But by seeing the choice of your movie i am sure you too a movie buff and have a great taste!!

As far as Kareena Kappor is concerned she was great in Chameli!!

crazyBugga said...

"A pick for one of those Saturday evenings when you don’t really feel like going out"

aaah, sounds like i can watch this movie anyday then [:)]

PurpleHeart said...

Neha, Me too. Thanks for dropping by.

Santosh, I have only seen K3g and Yuva of Kareena's and somehow never got to like her until JWM.

Crazybugga, :D

Anonymous said...

JWM is my fav....dunno y i love it soo much..but its a really fantastic movie...

13 going on 30 is fun too...had seen it long time back...

havent seen the ice princess...