Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Battle in the War

It was a lousy dusk
Clogged by the mundaneness of a war

A war battled on for time so long
and losses so huge

Grasses shed blood and stooped low,
paying homage for brave were the souls
that lay but flesh now so numb
numb with the war, numb with death

It was a war that warned of danger
but never of the end
It was the body and the soul in it
that they had to offer to the war and to the fellow warriors

And it went on until they died
leaving their dreams behind their hopes ajar
and Love so incomplete

The loss brought little difference
to those who woke up to fight again
for they knew they would be killed soon, as well

But they battled to keep the spirit in their souls
To hope to go back home ,
to live onthey battled anyways.


s4n705h said...

That is a nice poem. A well versed narration. it includes everything from love to hate from hope to peace.

Mr.X said...

good good good.. well scripted.. do join the poetry club in allpoetry.com or writing.com...

PurpleHeart said...

Santosh, Thanks !

Chriz, Do catch me on http://www.poetry.com/Publications/search.asp. :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...



Mr.X said...

yup saw it.. good.. catch me in allpoetry.com.. i write using the tag chronicwriter..

ScRiBbLeR said...

Very well written Sandhya..!!
Simple words yet powerful..

PurpleHeart said...

CU, Thank u !

Chriz, I will !

Gomathy, Thank u !

Honey Bee said...

God.. you wrote it? Its soo good and straight from th heart.with warmth, love, hatred......Great one dear

You write Poems? Hmmmmmm

PH , Scribbler, Mr.X & Santosh: am thinking of writing a Poem....What do you guys have to say?

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks, Honey.

And why question us for a genuine attempt. Go on and shootin your creativity, I say !!

Lulli said...

Great work.