Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Love that was arranged - Concludes.

They talked about it again and again and finally decided to stop slogging over the discussion that found no solution.

They left the place when it was almost three hours, sitting there, and as they sauntered slowly, both of them were looking away from each other.

Anju’s mind was on a rove, that night , thinking whether she was taking the right step.
The discussion had grown to be a debate and eventually a cause of worry to both of them. They had spent hours talking on the phone. They had gone out, shopped and dined together and felt good about it all.

But this seemed to define and set limits for their future.

‘May be Ram cannot compromise. May be I am being too adamant to adjust Am I?. May be… May be we both cannot get along well. May be, arranged marriages always have opposite priorities. ’ It was an endless list of maybe’s that tormented Anju the whole night. And she was intrigued by the fact that she was taking the subject a lot more seriously than she would have otherwise and she had to put herself one final question , was she in Love with him ?
‘Damn, No. What the hell. I hate men and I don’t want to get married and I am not compromising on my career . My job means the most to me.’ She concluded and fell asleep, whilst the dawn cracked.

“Papa, I want to talk to you”. Anju said in a mushy voice, the next morning.

Anju’s father looked at her intriguingly.

“Papa, I want to quit my job. “

There was a silence and she was embarrassed by it.

“What are you saying baby. I know how much that means to you”.

“Papa, I hate to leave it , but …”

Anju’s mother walked in, looking at her grimly

“I want to travel with Ram. He would be away on work most of the year and I think it’ll be a dire thing to lead a lonely life, after marriage”.

There was silence again and Anju desperately wanted it to be shattered as she was astonished by her own words and the smile on her parent’s face.

“You don’t need to, dear”. Anju’s mother helped her break the stillness.

“Ram had called up in the morning and he told us he has decided to switch his workplace that would keep him here for at least a couple of years. He said, he does not want to be flying around the world, while you are here .”

Anju could not deem what she was hearing. Her eyes were wide open and she wore a surprised smile.
“Anju dear, we are proud to see you both ready to compromise for each other.” Her father patted her.

Anju ran to give Ram a call.

“Hello, Ram here”, came the answer.

“You changed your mind ! “ , Anju’s voice was still mushy.

She could not wait for an answer but Ram kept mum.

“I did not want this relationship to be tested too much”. He said, finally.

“Neither did I, But you said you wanted to go”.

“That was until the moment, I fell in Love with you “ , came the reply.


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Cheeeeeers...You said it give and take..not a beautiful life would be..long live selfless love..cheeeeeers once again

Bungi said...

When i started reading the third installment of this story i felt it was going to be like the 'gift of the magi' thing... And it was!! Good work...

PurpleHeart said...

CU, Absolutely, cheers to a relationship where you don't think twice to give.

Bungi, Hey tat's news. I haven't read it.

s4n705h said...

“That was until the moment, I fell in Love with you “ this lines says it all. Simply loved it. you have the talent girl. Keep it up. The each part had an different feeling. and you managed to keep readers wanting for me each time.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful end....i wish everythin worked out so well in life...
but then u havent lost everythin till u have hope :)

PurpleHeart said...

Santosh, thanks so much !

Illusion, Well said !!

Well, this fiction of mine won the 'Story of the Month award' by NDTV in March 2007. Just thought of sharing it with story lovers like all of us !

Honey Bee said...

too gooooood ... The way you had picturised was really goood

Honey Bee said...

So you won an awward.. Am I missing something here? . Like I mean a party or a lunch.....Hmmmmmmmm

sirpy said...

Good one.. Except the fact that one thing struck me a bit too hypocritical. Friendship is too noble to be tarnished by love? I feel the height of friendship is love. Because friendship is understanding one another, anticipating and giving in. The consummation of all these leads to love.
Even in this story, they started out as friends (the arranged part being redundant). But the time period that took their relationship to mature into love is very small.. Probably thats why.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

//Well, this fiction of mine won the 'Story of the Month award' by NDTV in March 2007//
Congrats again..its a sure winner and you are letting it out so modestly!!

PurpleHeart said...

Honey, Thanks and u name it we have it !

Sirpy, I quite agree. Friendship is only natural enough to transform to Love. Well, what is depicted in the story is Anju's perception (in a way, it WAS mine too until I got married:) ).

CU, Thanks again !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hey Sandhya...that was a very lovely story.. beautiful to the core.. :)
Very nice ending!!

PurpleHeart said...

And am glad that you are back !! :)

Bungi said...

You can read the story here...

RedTulip said...

hey... sorry 4 making it late... but better late than never... :-)
the story was; is and will remain as a lovely one... :-)

PurpleHeart said...

Bungi, I did !

Meerkut, Thanks for the lovely encouragement.