Friday, February 12, 2010

The aftermath of snow can leave you in strangled moods

There are days when you feel absolutely fine with your life and there are other times when you couldn’t care less. And it’s not like being torn between a scrumptious looking chocolate parfait and pineapple flavored cheesecake, on a rare trip to your favorite restaurant. I mean, that’s a very difficult choice.

But if on a Friday night, after the neighborhood has cuddled into sleep, you are skimming through pages of an age old book that hasn’t made any sense to you, so far, but you hang on to it anyway, with some Ilayaraja songs playing from youtube and the endorphins haven’t quite come to work yet, strange for a Friday, then something just doesn’t feel right. I have never been an Ilayaraja-person. And if a book doesn’t engage me after 20 pages, to heck with it, I am done. For over a couple of seasons, I have been arguing with my own abilities to think right, find what I want. If it’s change that’s at the door, buzz off, I am not ready yet. And if it’s age, excuse me, can you not see that I am trying to make something out of my twenties before they become just rustic pieces of a photo album?

I guess some things don’t really care for your opinion. Age, for instance. But maybe, you can play around with the choices, like deciding to embark on a scavenger hunt, looking for your dreams. Some things utterly confuse me. For example, me. Why would I still want to run away from the idea of becoming a mother, after almost four freaking years of dwelling in holy matrimony? That’s weird, if you are brought up in a society that equates being thin to underprivileged financial standing. My friend's mother stared at me in disgust, followed by faint pity, like she just discovered that I had been undergoing treatment for mental impairment, when I told her I hadn’t thought about babies, yet. Is it entirely my fault that all my cousins and friends (well, almost) just came back pregnant after about two months of being married? I mean, that’s just not fair on me!

But under such scenarios, what I think works, is just sigh your agreement. Sometimes, in utter honesty. Like the song ‘ tendril vanthu ennai thodu’ that is making some kind of magic out of my speakers, right now. It belonged to the eighties, probably seventies. It’s Ilayaraja. It’s from a movie I haven’t seen. But what the hell? It’s just a brilliant piece of art. And it makes perfect sense during these random after-dark hours on a Friday. There’s no arguing with that!


Devil's Advocate said...

Hi Purple,

Was skimming through my old comments and came to know that I was one of your first few readers. Its bad that I do not come often on your page now. :| though your blogs are still in my favs blog list along with chronic writer and Scribbler(aka Goms).

Bad mood doesn't last long, it will change soon. I think winter makes people disoriented, confused and crazy. And when it snows all day all week it becomes insane. Wait for the winter to pass and happy time will be back again. Cheers.

Devil :D

Anonymous said...

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Shadow in the Moonlight said...

hehe... nice ramblings, I know all too well bout the baby craze. You know that rhyme, which goes
"First comes marriage then comes baby in a carriage." Well, they forgot to add a few words in between...
"First comes marriage then relatives from the village with their verbal barrage enquiring bout a baby in a carriage and you dream of sweet carnage" ;o)
Well, life goes on... ten years from now we'll probably look back and laugh at it all.

オテモヤン said...


PurpleHeart said...

Devil's advocate, Thanks for returning !! Looking forward to seeing your blogging too. :)

Karen, very rightly said !!! Thanks for the comfort !:)

Daisy Blue said...

I can very well understand how you feel..when you are 24 and you are a girl people ask you "Still not married?"
and then when you finally marry,then comes "No babies yet?"
Well,atleast you are not alone :)

PurpleHeart said...

It's comforting to even know that somebody understands. Thanks girls ! :)

Jingle said...

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Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday!