Monday, January 18, 2010

Resolutions - I am gonna stay away from them this year

Alright – I shouldn’t be totally let down here. I go out of my inconsistent way every once in a while to get consistent. Failing at it invariably is a sad but true story of my life – that’s fine, for now. But as the year cracks open – wait, it’s a new decade and everything, I am going to pull my socks up and do what I believe God knocked into me because he knew I almost suck at everything else. Let me start this year off with a ‘Thank you’ for making myself believe I have something I could, may be, kind of, sort of, do – writing!

And this time, I am shredding the horizons. This blog has been a starter, most wonderfully! And I hope I don’t let it die. Blank spaces, make better alternatives for a canvas done not so well, so I shouldn’t be bothered about having let this blog stay blank while I was undergoing creative impairments.

Okay – First things first. 2010 has been officially marked as the ‘dream year’ in my diary. For one reason, I have picked up the guts, shedding all my fears and diffidence and questions and some more of them to become an AUTHOR !!!!!

I am just hoping it’s not too early to put this out here. But those of you who do check this blog out (I know that’s not gonna be more than five or six or seven or may be eight, but sadly not more), please wish me luck. I need oodles of them!!! I am gonna try and fill in my progress up here.

So if things go blessedly well, by spring, I will have in my hands, a little something that I will keep near my pillow for the rest of my life – MY BOOK !!!!

Happy New year, guys !


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Keep that pen moving and let the creative juices flow nonstop... write well.

s4n705h said...

happy new year to you. will surely wait for your book. count me in as one f your regular readers.. :)

Anonymous said...

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PurpleHeart said...

Karen & Santosh, Thank you for giving the kind of feeling winners get - already !!! :)

PurpleHeart said...

BUZZ OFF, ANonymous !

Anonymous said...

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Compassion Unlimitted said...

how is the no resolution year rolling by !!


Daisy Blue said...

I'm sending a lucky fairy all the way..all the best :)

Readers Dais said...


Late.. still..Happy new Year to u & Ur Family,and thats a real happy news to know that you are ready to give you the title AUTHOR, we too have the confidence in you, so wishing you all the best & hoping to read it soon.

Anonymous said...

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PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy and Readers Dais, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. :)