Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One of those hyper evenings, it is

So –

I have always had this intuitive guilt when I take myself on a shortly long sabbatical from blogging - but that’s not why I am writing.

The town, after 3 beautiful weeks of celebrating color (also reminding us again of why we should not contemplate suicide) went paler and thinner (after the leaves bade good byes) today. Winds have taken their time of the year, indicating – ‘get aside, I am gonna show what it’s like when you disrespect nature’ – yea, understandable –every dog has its day – I should say season. The depression dawned on me when I had to wear my first weather coat of the year. But that’s not why I am writing either. I hate winter !

I met another lady who hates winter much more than I do. After wriggling off the misty beads that found home on her jacket-braced arms, she shook her head in frustration, looking behind her shoulders, the hazy morning. “It makes me sick” , I tried to offer solace. She shook her head harder – I didn’t know if she agreed or hated me for talking about something she hated.
“Oh, try driving up to work at 4:00 Am everyday, honey. You haven’t seen anything yet”.
- Really, there are things I need to say thanks to.

I have for once in these many years, started listening to my body. It’s like coming of age. So no more shrugging off the tiny aches or reactions-to-my-hysteric-nothings or even cravings. I want to listen to them all and understand (tryin to) something that embodies me – my soul – my life. Guess the work out sessions are playing their influence – good to know – I wouldn’t have known my own heartbeats otherwise. These are things worth your time.

Last Saturday was Diwali. It wouldn’t mean a lot when families and friends are seven seas, seven mountains away. So mind half goes – who cares – why bother anyway ? But I think it’s the hangover of the changes that I want in myself these days, that I decided to celebrate it anyway. It ended up, well, half fun, half frustrating. Fun because we had surprise guests who stayed till midnight and frustrating because they went “oh, dear, you really shouldn’t have bothered living half a day in the kitchen for a biriyani that tastes like this !!!!”. It went past me I guess - am more into the meditative trance now. (What!!???)).

Over to matters that matter right now – I really, really have gotten back my love for writing. In fact it’s a little over the board this time that I am already thinking of compiling my short stories for my yet-to-be-titled book. When it’s too much, I know it’s like a just-opened can of beer and before the fizz dies, I will Shut up !!!


Cotton Tail said...

Have been visiting you expecting a new post for some time now. Nice to read something from you after a long while:)
I share the same opinion about winters. God knows how i'm gonna get through the coming winter!!!
Hope you had a decent diwali though sometimes it seems to me these things lose their purpose when we are tucked in so far away from home. Anyways i celebrated too.
You have gotten into a writing spree....Does that mean we get to see frequent new posts from you???

s4n705h said...

is it the body or the mind getting old? its good to know that you are actually trying to know your body and its intricacies.

I love-to-hate the guests who come home just to pass snide comments.

Readers Dais said...

Hey Purple Heart,
So u r back with a bang!
you have compiled nature,life,ur emotions,festivals all together in this post, where the reader definitely gets along with ur thoughts giving the taste of cool winter & hot biriyani!
Great to know uve got back the love for writing as we can expect more & its better to give the readers a taste before the fizz dissapears rather than shutting it up.. :)

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Well, look at it this way... those guests won't bother to turn up next year for any festival, and even if they do turn up... shove them in the kitchen, let them do all the cooking.

PurpleHeart said...

Cotton Tail,

Let me share this with you- You were the first person that made me smile today !!! Thank you and I am hoping with you to fill this blog more :)

Santosh, Depressing but humbling. It keeps you from exaggerated relationships.

Readers Dais, Thanks a million in several bunches!!

Karen, will shove them in the rice cooker, instead ! ;)

Daisy Blue said...

Nice to know that you are back to blogging... & thanks for your welcome message away from India :)
I'm yet to see a winter in the US...let me wait..

PurpleHeart said...

Cool !! Hope you enjoy it - some people do - may be the hardcore romantics ! :)