Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The musings by 'The Muse'

She calls me ‘The muse’. Of course, I obviously do the harder part of creative thinking and imaginative writing, while she simply types out whatever I tell her. But basically, I am a mouse; a simple, intelligent, frustrated hybrid of white and gray. For as long as I can reckon, I live inside the head of the self proclaimed author of this blog, who steals my identity and regenerates my ideas, conveniently stamping those under her copyrights.
I love being me. It’s cool kinda being the pool of ideas to someone. It makes me feel good. Actually, it MADE me feel good. Yes, when she used to write something, sometime in the least to mention. I had a purpose. I loved to think. And always did my ground work on what to write next. I’m pretty smart, thinking, trying and raring to go. And like any other mouse, I loved eating coconut flakes and oatmeal. I thought I had a good life to live until my brain attained self actualization one day to realize the fact that this girl I live in is nothing bigger than a sleepy head!!
I mean, she has got a BIG head and a bigger nose, none of which serves any purpose to her existence, except for the breathing part to hold her alive. But if I had that big a nose, I would take a course on the art of sniffing and become like that little rat in the film Ratatouille. I would have written a book for my fellow mice family on how to think and lead better rat lives.
She stopped eating coconut and oatmeal, two of my favorite food. She says coconut is unhealthy and oatmeal makes her sick. But the real reason, I repent not being able to shout, is that she is one lazy bum to shred coconut into food. If coconut is unhealthy, god forbid those gummy jars of mayonnaise that sucks the life outta me every time she gulps down. And I have to run like crazy all over because it makes me sick!!
Okay, coming back to writing. After truck loads of motivating speeches and inspirational quotes about how those people do so many things in life and still manage to do what they want, out of sheer frustration, on this New Year’s, I renounced the idea of getting her to write. She wouldn’t anyways. And when she sits to write, her head turns towards her right shoulder (I have always wondered why she does that; come on, I sit on the left side of her brain) and gawk with a blatant look as if the words had promised to just break out of the wall on her right side!! She sits there so long gaping at the wall that I eventually fall asleep and then she leaves, sighing and wagging her hands that, I got a writer’s block today.
As if she writes great stuff every other day!
It’s like a yardstick rapped up on your knuckles!
It’s like that monster -website’s ad where you are actually a star but stuck up in a job that sucks!
It’s like you are ready to do homework, but the teacher wouldn’t give any!
I am exhausted and I have given up !! I am just done with living inside this dork-head.
So if there’s a soul out there who can be gracious enough to adopt me, then please, here I am, waiting to be all yours. I am pretty smart, quick and funny. Well yea, if you are a coconut lover, then I am more than willing!!!

Like I have always read in fairy tales, I am here, hoping and waiting for my foster soul.
The Muse
(Actually, I would like to be called Sir. Wicky Ratington)


ARUNA said...

adorable pic it is....!

s4n705h said...

AH i cant see the pic. blocked at office. :(. SO writer's Block.. HUH!! or is it work sucks? and cant think of anything other than work. :P

BTW who is this "Wicky Ratington" and i would love to adopt him but i dont eat coconut or oatmeal as daily diet. so ask him if he wants to come over

Jaanvi said...

great adaptation... :)
but how did you clicked this adorable pic?

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

You should probably drown Wicky Ratington in Mayonnaise if he wants to leave again... I don't think they actually leave you though.

PurpleHeart said...

Santosh, will ask him, but right now, he's on house arrest !

Jaanvi, Google clicked ! :)

Karen, I know. I blew him up the wall for even thnking about it ! :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, let us hope one day when we stand before God at the end of our life, we would hope that we would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything YOU gave me."

Have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

Chronicwriter said...

what a way to endorse the alter ego... lovely mousey pix that is..


PurpleHeart said...


seahorse said...

I could really do with a 'muse' like that one. You better treat Mr. Wicky Ratington with due respect, he has a lot of takers already:)