Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I thought..

If Life is the biggest school I am enrolled with, I am obliged to do and redo the greatest piece of homework, every night. Things I learnt transform into new things altogether after I believe I have caught them neatly printed in my learning book.
For instance,

I thought life was a risky gamble. You play it safe; you win. But it turns out that the best way to live life is by experimenting with it.

I thought movie titles were a prelude to the movie. If movies were to be judged by their names, I would never have chosen to watch Monsters Inc.

I thought days in July seemed longer because of psychological reasons. Some kid’s book told me it’s because the earth is closest to the sun during the month.

I thought Punjabi food was the most overrated Indian cuisine, with the annoyingly extensive usage of ghee in chicken. I was bowled over when I saw plain strips of ham baked in honey, eaten lusciously as one of the best celebrated food in America.

I thought failure is what I feared the most until I was introduced to boredom.

I thought actor Arya did not deserve a hot seat in the Tamil films. I opted to change after Sarvam.

I thought if you didn’t have a Barbie doll in your childhood, it was a shame. The recent adulterated styles of Barbie furnished an aversion in me.

I thought to be cool, clothes made a great part. Now, clothes are great but to be real cool, try brains.

I thought Pink was a girl’s color. I refuse to change ; so those film makers who get their heroes wear pink suits, please, for the sake of basic way of life, be aware, pink IS STILL A GIRL’S COLOR!!

I thought Autumn was something to be experienced in the western countries. You should take a drive on the Coimbatore-Palakkad highway during August-September.

I thought time played a good chance to chill between farm duties. But it proved to be a rear-view mirror. Objects are closer than they appear.

I thought it was better to have a job that paid than to be friends with nothing. I say, it’s much better to make something out of nothing than a job that pays but sucks.

I thought fashion magazines were a cool heap of pictures to lose yourself into. Well, that was long ago. If you ask me now, there’s nothing worse to waste your time and money on than fashion magazines.

I thought I would never look for those old cassettes I used to love when I was a kid. When we stripped our house of the clutter, I fondly dusted them and put them back though I no longer owned a cassette player.

I thought the queen of England was an evil witch until I lately stumbled over some great writing about her life.

I thought Mathematics was a simple art of numbers which required only a basic knowledge of multiplication tables. I scored a 16 on 100 in class 9. I have hated Mathematics ever since.

I thought the Internet was the best medium to touch base with the world. A kid-neighbor took me by arm for a run on the grass and asked me, “ do you know the best thing to do ?” My silence replied for him and he went “to take your shoes off and run on the grass”. That meant something.


eye-in-sty-in said...

Days in July are longer... Aap ko pata nahi tha? I had a nice geography teacher, so I remembered it ;-)

Maadu and Gujju food beats punju food in ghee usage. But can't compete with American fast food in terms of bad calories!

lol @ boredom - are u in suport?

Pink suits are a serious faux paus, but a guy CAN wear a pink shirt if he knows how to do it with elan! btw, I have 2 in my wardrobe!

job, friends... the support bit is getting stronger! lolz

I got an F in drawing :P

Nice thoughts Ms. S!

Gauri Mathur said...


Chriz said...

i hated barbie dolls.. my gi joe collection stood no chance against my sister's pink barbie collection...

arya has got great eyes and a wonderful body language.. he can don different roles too.. can give surya a close run in the versatility race..

and red is a man's color! atleast the red underwear..

when you said, autumn, the first thing that came into my mind was coimbatore and there you said it..

i agree with the job thingie.. so very true..

you were brilliant in mathematics in school.. dont ya tell me that you were bad in mathematics.. i still remember you being one among the toppers then.. i was a failure in mathematics...

take your shoes off and run on the grass... i do the same thing in the sea shore... yes it is indeed something different..

lovely sandy

Seahorse said...

Time is a rear-view mirror - How true....

Seahorse said...

And yes pink IS a girl's colour. I cant stand men in pink.

Sudhanthira said...

"I thought failure is what I feared the most until I was introduced to boredom."

True..so very very true!!

And, do u really really think Pink is a girl's colour? Isn't that a stereotype that badly needs a change? That's after all a colour no? :)

Btw, great post! Loved it :)


JollyRoger said...

Fabulous post, worth reading again

PurpleHeart said...

Eye-in-sty-in, mujhe pati nahi tha re...I thought we dreaded the thought of June-July because of getting back to boring classes after a great summer. But yea, my geography teacher must have mentioned too, looks like I dozed off..:D Pink shirts are ok,but suits are no-no..:)

Gauri, Thanks for visiting.:)

PurpleHeart said...

Chriz, Red has become YOUR color, especially after your rave posts on those red innerwear...keep it going...hee hee !
Maths was an enemy all my school,though I managed to get closer during 11th and 12th.I had no other choice, my tuition masters wouldn't leave me one..:)

Seahorse, there you go!

Sudhantira, Thank you. Good thinking.May be the movie makers are also trying to revolutionize PINK. But Pink suits for men ? May be we should start with a T shirt...what do you think? :)

Jollyroger, Thank you ! :)

ARUNA said...

this is just awesome dear...loved ur thoughts!

Smi said...

so many points in here to say 'I AGREE!'. nice read dearie..

PurpleHeart said...

Aruna, Thank you.

Smith, :D :D

tulipspeaks said...

moral of the story - what we thought may not necessarily be true.

As we learn the truth, we experience the pleasure of unlocking the mysteries of life.

good one.


PurpleHeart said...

Tulipspeaks, Well said !

s4n705h said...

your thought sound like that of a "gemini" not the same at any two times.