Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's good to halt every so often before moving on..

"If we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call "fatum", what we currently refer to as destiny"
                                                          - quoted from the movie 'Serendipity'.

Sometimes, life takes you on a beautiful trip to places where you’ll find yourself. And you’ll discover a little something that nobody knows about you, but yourself. And when it happens, against all audacities you have ever clung on to, the best and the only thing you can do is throw your arms up in the sky and let everything that’s supposed to happen – happen, beautifully.

New York City is one such sign of a dream that merrily smiles back at you in all the right spirits of life, with such passion that a tear of hope will occur to even the most unbelieving of hearts. Amidst and under the overwhelming dreams of millions of souls that step into this city for making life bigger or to bask in the sheer joy of experiencing the seductive charm of the place, this glorious city is a woman who is artistically majestic, classic and tender – like she’s warmly taking you into her palm, giving you all that you had hoped for. And you feel alright about everything. Yet again.

It felt like some abstract beautiful life again to live thru’ this one week of some of the very best and the most exhilarating moments I’ve had in a long while. Falling in love, all over again, is probably what had happened.

Here’s to this little city of the world, that is romantic in the pure sense of what it means .

Here’s to life and all the little stops we make by those destinies that were waiting for us to arrive.

Here’s to love -

Video - Northern Sky - Beautiful Moment



Dr Roshan R said...

sweet.. and it's true really. So many times, we just plan and plan.. when sometimes all you really need is be spontaneous and allow life to lead the way.

Karen Xavier said...

Yay! I read the opening line and I couldn't help smiling... love that movie Serendipity. So enjoyed your New York trip... awesome! Well, written declaration of love to the Big Apple.

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks, Karen. I love that movie too.

Readers Dais said...

Hi! sandhya,
So wats that little something that newyork discovered from you friend :)
You've given a real romantic and elegant picture of the beautiful city thru ur words,sometimes love makes us feel that all's beautiful around, sometimes thigs around makes us feel that we are in love... so...anyway around its love that matters..

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PurpleHeart said...

Unni, I spoke to Amazon customer care with this order number. They need your email id to track down the order details (wonder why, when we have the number and the address ! But that's Amazon !). I tried to dig in your blog page for your email. Let me have your email id and I'll follow up again for you. :)

PurpleHeart said...

Unni, I got some good news from Amazon. Check out your email. :)

Clytie said...

What a delightful visit to New York. I love the line 'throw your arms up in the sky and let everything that’s supposed to happen – happen, beautifully.' May we all take this to our hearts!

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks for the visit, Clytie !! :)