Monday, July 19, 2010

Any particular word to describe this ???

                 You know, just as you think you have eventually made it to slowly bounce out of the phase of your life that was smitten by doubts and fears and questions , there surely comes another point, virtually looking like a gasp of fresh breath but ruthlessly restoring the same doubts, fears and the same itchy questions, into your soul.

Great people leap through it, to greater heights, to better places in life where they would later preach about how determined they stuck through to win over the bloody hiccups (basically, I’m guessing , it’s the same cloud of fears and doubts and questions).

But what about the not-so-great people? What about people like me, who life likes to dabble with, quite generously? What happens in stories like mine?

I’m talking about this book I wrote which I went wandering in the streets of publishing world with, seeking people who might just want to take a look at what the shit I am gabbling away about. Who cares? The world is fast becoming faster and slow heads like me - I mean, how fast do I have to run?

Well, ‘The Reading’ at the writers club this weekend went okay, literally. Because all I could manage, within the realms of my limited capability was to READ and sell – here’s the freakiest part – ONE copy of ‘Sugar Spring Tales’. I mean, ONE !!?? Out of a whole bunch of people who nodded away ?? And I had these fantasies of….

….well, anyways, let me not get deeper. Life is bloody strange.

Later back home, as I couch-ed my aching soul under a blanket, with a huge red bowl of microwaved popcorn on a particularly somber Saturday evening, making up to watch ‘How to lose a guy in ten days’, one of my old-town buddies pops up on the phone, saying, as-a-matter-of-factly, ‘Look, I ordered your book and all that, but if it is gonna end up being anything like your soppy blog, I’m gonna have you refund.’

How soppier could life get?

“I’m just kidding. Let’s hope your book is unlike you.” She chuckles.

But, like Julie Powell, in her book says, ‘Can we NOT look at the brighter side, for once, please?’


anupama said...

Dear Sandhya,
Good Evening!
This too shall pass away.Wait and watch.
Hope and pray your book will go places.I always love reading my story or anyoneelse's story in a gathering.:)
Teething trouble will disappear.Just one question-why can't see you the brighter side?You have a way with words.Readers will reach your book.Vuvuzela and Jabulani have taken backseats.People will get back to reading.:)
You have wonderful friends who see always the brighter side as you are the strong inspiration.
Give space and there is light at the other end.
Wishing you a lovely evening,

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I guess, it will take time... slowly but eventually people will start to notice.

Yavanika said...

Great things does not happen overnight!! You know Rome is not built in one day.. You need lot of patience and "hope" at this moment which will work wonders!!! Wish you all the Best!!!

Luckymoi said...

Love stories always has its own niche and a gang of followers :)
Being an overnight sensation can happen with any book you write and once that happens, I assure you people will be scrambling to pull out all the books you have ever written. So why just one book, keep on moving and one day the inevitable is bound to happen because you are blessed.

PurpleHeart said...

Anu, Thanks for the words - they were like broccoli to a plain, bland cheese soup, boiling its heart out. I don't want to look at the brighter side, as in, for once - just going a little blind of too much brightness people turn my head to. Will get better I guess. Thanks for the love !

PurpleHeart said...

Karen and Yavanika, I know you are absolutely right and that's the only way out but sometimes I feel like peeling off the smile and say 'It sucks'. Do you blame me ??

PurpleHeart said...

Luckmoi, thanks for making me feel 'Luckymoi' too, literally. :) You added more broccoli to the soup. Thanks and Thanks for visiting...haven't seen you here before.

Readers Dais said...

Hey! Sandhya!

The sweetness of sugar spring tales yet to reach this desert freind, still waiting....
btw brighter side or not, getting your words into print itself is an achievement and im not aware abt the marketing side of books, how they function, but im sure you have a way with words and emotions that once reach the reader will stay in their heart, so lets wait & good things come to those who wait :)

PurpleHeart said...

Unni, That's a friend speaking ! Thanks dear !

$ph!nX said...

Hmmm... We all go through phases in our (very short) lives such as these.. But its stuff like these that strengthen us and make us better.. You put your heart and soul into your book and you expect it to be recognized.. But sometimes, things never happen the way we want them to.... We just gotta be patient and go where life takes us next..

You WROTE a book!!!! Now THAT is something HUGE :D And definitely COOL! So what if a buncha sleepy heads didn't buy it??? I bet it was awesome and if it was anywhere nearby, I would definitely get a copy!(Psst.. would love to read it :D)

CRD said...

well, i think it all boils down to a small twist in your luck to get where you want to..and even that phase might be just try your best and take whatever you get in your stride

Nice blog..


CRD said...


Cotton Tail said...

When you're talking about dabbling and self doubts and fears, you are definitely not alone. I probably would top the charts in that now. I can very clearly identify with what you are saying about that part.
About your book, even John Keats had a very tough time with getting any form on acknowledgement for his work and it took a hell of a long time for people to realize that well, that he is one of the greatest romantic poets of all times!!!
The world may be moving fast but not fast enough to identify talents like you instantly. Just give them some time. They'll come around to it eventually:)
And I have left you a scrap on orkut. Pls look into it.

PurpleHeart said...

Aneesh, well, Thanks for putting a smile on me. I'm still hunting on ways to get it to the Indian market.

CRD, Thanks for visiting.

Rassi, Yea, right. Thanks for the comfort. :)