Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes when the day is dark...

...the only way to light up the spirit is by hugging the memories and smiling over’em.

Moments of my life I lost my heart to..

*A month off in Chennai during final year, all in the name of project
*Icecream in Corner House,Bangalore
*Those rides in college bus.
*Late night phone calls that used to sometimes last till dawn.
*Staying over with friends, watching movies, playing and talking all night.
*Gulab Jamuns,especiailly the ones made on the eve of Diwali.
*First movie, bunking class
*Rides on Scooty
*A R Rahman's creations
*Group studies right the day before semester
*Morning walks in Indra Nagar,Bangalore
*Chilli Gobi at Nandinee
*Alaipayuthe, the movie
*First days on Orkut
*Chilling out over bajji with Smith,Meerkut n Pinks
*Afternoon drives with Smith & Meerkut
*Vacation after 12th standard school
*Life with BUGFRENTS
*Idlis with ghee from MTR,Bangalore
*Drives in Bangalore
*Bushra's friendship
*Backstreet Boys
*The warm aroma of Cookies from Forum,Bangalore
*Movies at Forum
*View of New York in the night from plane
*Mountain Dew from College canteen
*Vaseegara song from Minnale
*Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide,Siege
*Orange Souffle
*Undomestic Goddess, The book
*Evenings with music in a crowded park
*Princess Diana
*Evenings in Beasant Nagar Beach
*Dove chocolate
*Holi at Pune
*Jacqueline Wilson, the author
*Walks thru' MG Road,Pune
*Early morning bus rides through the suburbs of Nagercoil
*Barbie Vanilla Cake flavored perfume
*Madhuri Dixit
*Cricket World Cup, 1996
*Sunsets in Beach on December 31st
*Everybody Loves Raymond, TV Series
*Evenings spent at Jaffrin's house
*10th std trip to Kodaikanal
*Chilli Beef
*Kenny Rogers
*The Beatles
*Friday evening drives to Nagercoil
*College,College,College & College, every minute of it.


Jaanvi said...

very nicely written indeed.

WeatherMan said...

Nice blog.
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Thanks for visiting.

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

You are the only person I know, who seems to have enjoyed our college so much...

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks Jaanvi !

WeatherMan, You a weather reporter ? Next time I wanna check out the weather, I will..:)

Karen, Trust me,With the crazy bunch of friends I had, we REALLY had a ball in that college ! It was absolutely GREAT !

Smi said...

two notes on me.. hurray.....

Smi said...

but you forgot the poor zen :(

PurpleHeart said...

No Smith ! How would I forget our cute Chariot !! The drives we loved of course includes it !

Anonymous said...

Visiting for the first time. Don't even remember who I came through. :)

Awesome blog. Lit up my day indeed. Simply because there are a lot of relate-able things from Bangalore and Chennai.

JollyRoger said...

Good post! Posts like this make you feel good!

I'm feeling v good! ThanQ

PurpleHeart said...

Dheepika, Thanks very much ! Keep coming.

Jollyroger, If I made you smile, I feel blessed !

Chronicwriter said...

brought back some nice memories... had fun reading this one line by line and picturising every moment..

you have done this one brilliantly sandy..


happy women's day

PurpleHeart said...

Thanx Chriz !

Daisy Blue said...

So you are a fan of Undomestic Goddess .. me too :)

PurpleHeart said...

I took it from your suggestion, Gomz ! :)