Monday, February 4, 2008

A Promise for Christmas - Part 2

I bite my lips, irritated. Why on earth does Gennie have to call me NOW and on some restaurant’s number.
“Thank you, I am coming” I mumble to the waiter;I can’t hide how irritating this could get.
I swiftly walk up to the reception, pick up the phone and answer
“Anna, oh my god, I finally got you”
“Why in the whole world did you have to reach me on this number?” I control my temper to make sure my voice does not get loud.
“Anna, I have something important to tell you”
“You couldn’t call me on my blackberry?”
“Your blackberry was switched off. Anna listen, Dam met with a car crash”
I flip my gaze from my blackberry, which I took out to check if it was switched off to the receptionist. I can’t make out what Gennie was talking about.

“What? Dam? When ? Gennie, what are you saying?”
“Yes, don’t worry he’s out of danger. Dam was giving me a drop back home. I got out of the car to buy something and I don’t know, the car was hit and Dam was bleeding. I took him to the hospital. They are looking at him. Anna, I want you here right now” Gennie sounds nervous yet strong.
“Fine, I am coming, which hospital?”

Gennie is a strong person, I know she can handle things pretty well. But I need to go. Oh my God, Dam, what the hell. Thoughts just whisking through my mind and am unconsciously walking to the exit.

“Anna” , Kenny stands right in front of me looking very concerned.
Perhaps he can make out something is wrong.

“Kenny, Hi”, I don’t smile and pretend serious and confused.

“Is every thing alright?” He comes a little closer.

Michelle joins him from the table, smiling at me.

“Yes, umm…I mean not really, Hi Michelle”

I gather guts and decide to leave “See, I am sorry, am in a hurry, I have to leave right now “

“Ohh, of course”, Kenny replies, “I hope u have all the help”.

“Yes, fine, thank you”

And I start walking.

“Anna”, I hear Kenny again

What now, I turn back.

“I am sorry but Merry Christmas to you “

“yea…Merry Christmas to both of you”, I can’t believe I managed that.

And take a cab, straight to the hospital.

Dam Parkinson is my colleague and a good friend. In fact, there is friendship between us to the extent that Dam and I hang out causally and he has helped me with a lot of issues in life. Gennie Whitefield is my roommate and she’s a common friend to me and Dam. Dam is handsome, intelligent and extremely funny. But I genuinely can’t pull myself to spend too much time with him because Dam is in love with me. Yes, he has proposed and every time I speak to him, I can make out his effort to hide the love from his eyes and therefore it’s not always smooth for me with Dam. In fact, I have been razor sharp with him when I knew I saw love in him. I think I can’t get over my breakup with Kenny . It’s insane. But I do not think I could ever remarry. The cab stops in front of the hospital making me blink about how long I have been thinking about Dam. I take my wallet out and feel a few dollops of tears drop into my hands.
God, please keep Dam safe.

- Anna's snags will continue


Bungi said...

When is part 3 coming?

Anonymous said...

this is just a wonderful continuation...lovely reading once again...nice writing!

PurpleHeart said...

Bungi, Part 3 is coming right up ! :)

Kalyan, Thank you :)

gunj said...

wherez d rest of it!!

PurpleHeart said...

Up in a day, Gunj ! :)

SwAThi.... said...

Its an awesome post...loved it..

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks Swathi !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hey nice one Sandhya :)