Monday, January 14, 2008

With all due respect to those gorgeous models...

Kingfisher calendar of 2008 is an album of sexy lasses in swim suits ???? I mean, it’s some news that has chilled down a bit now, I know. But, was that even necessary for a calendar?

I had to shut close my mouth (which formed a bog O in disgust, of course) when some one just peeped into what I was looking at, wonderstruck. Before I could make myself clear as to I was NOT wonderstruck by the curves of those ladies, he was off and I can’t really imagine what went thru’ his mind. (Imagine, me flipping pages of pictures of girls in bikini, with an expression that probably seemed like I was….oohh gosh, that made my embarrassment for the day).
Anyways, planting the focus back, yea, Couldn’t Vijay Mallya think of anything more attractive to make the days of a year? Blame it on Bollywood, for glamorizing the confidence of going almost nude; let nudity be confined to movies or pageants where the body does the talking. But to have a calendar from a brand that so far was, well, de-glamourised yet stayed in style, this is definitely not so cool. Come to think of guys who can actually go wow with a smile, waking up to these pics every morning, I feel a sense of plain mockery. Probably, they were the target, Kingfisher focused. Forget about those picturistique scenes on nature, What happened to the photography that can talk or question the mind and still sooth the eyes. If Vijay Mallya considers the easiest way to reach people’s eyes is by sporting a handful of beach wears, it’s either a pity that our society is looked down as an easy victim to skimpy clothes or Kingfisher falls prey to the western glamour. There’s the class who still remain classy, with taste, you probably didn’t see us.


Compassion Unlimitted said...

//There’s the class who still remain classy, with taste, you probably didn’t see us.//

Very nicely put across..class indeed !!

JollyRoger said...

Hey Mallya must have been inspired by the Pirelli calendars where women wear nothing! But in case you didnt know, you just cant buy the Kingfisher calendars, it is a limited edition and it is handed over by Mallya himself to the chosen ones.
The bottomline is it is just another excuse for him to flirt with women and blow up some money.

gunj said...

just a thot...wud u write about his calendar if he cliked pictures of nature??
it is his way to make sure hez talked about!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

As discussed here,its just a way to promote things..I can imagine your embarrassment.. some people can be so very irritating!!

strollinthunder said...

But then,doesn't beauty deserve to be appreciated??

Calendars are always made with pictures we all like, nature,gods,cars.....and ofcoz women.

as they say....Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Vasanthan said...

this is the first time i get a reaction form a women. when i was in the army when having such a calender was like a priced possession. Thats because there aren't that many women in the camp and for some they only go home and out of the camp once a month.
thinking of my time in the army, i would wish there were more of those calenders. cos we stare sadly at the dates till we can go back home and the ladies would soothe the pain a little.

crazyBugga said...

I absolutely positively agree wit u. All this stuff is so disgusting and wrong. Please mail me this calendar asap so that I can take appropriate action.

PurpleHeart said...

Jollyroger, Mally has all the reasons in the world to get flirty.:) This is one :)

Gunj, Well, true, but I wouldn't expect Mallya to use bikinis an an attention seeker. Thanks for visiting.:)

Gomz, see, you knew how it felt !!

Vasanthan, oh my God, I can imagine how tough it could be. But they(you) are the real heroes in every way, so what if there aren't girls !! The nation drools over u !!

Crazybugga, Just google out; that's how I stumbled up on it. I don't think there's any website in particular, is there ?

Vasanthan said...

thanks your kind words are definitely better than any lady on the wall.

Devil's Advocate said...

visited ur blog page after a long long time, or say even opened any blogging URL after a long gap.. watever.. to comment over the post I would say thats the stunt to be in business or say his style to be known.. else u wouldn't have had GOOGLED it at first place(as u wrote in ur comment, nothing added by my side).. and to be honest enough nudity is the thing which is in demand in any sector. For posh its called fashion and is shown openly and for mass its a ugly thign and so is a clandestine thing. And he do all these activity just to target affluent and higher middle class people who basically use his services. :-)