Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Love you

Time, that was, when you and me
Were nothing more than strangers
Strangers bar a tickle in our hearts
Every time our eyes exchanged visits

And then dawned the Love
Like a spring in the garden of Life
That made me feel the bliss of it all
And taught the twinge of its face, unseen

And then came along a road ,
Where I walked alone and wanted to walk more
When I left you accompanied by the comfort of tears
And tears there were inside me too
When Life tempted me to look beyond

A magic that moment had filled it with
As heart drew me back to where life was born
To turn to your arms, welcoming me
To be in the warmth of your hug ,
A hearth that endured the blaze of the fire I shot

A dollop of tear is all I have to quench the heat
But a bowl of Love to melt you in
And a smile to kiss you with
Time has grown, outgrown

And the road is eternal
A journey long enough to fill our life
Together and yes forever ,
To relish moment after moment

Hands embracing each other
Feet bare to feel the joy of the road
Hearts wet with Love
Words swaying in elegance

“Oh, dear, the one I trust in ,
I Love you , more than you know “


sabari said...

Hello I am Sabari from India(kerala). Working as Lecturer in Libya. I read your work in the blog. Different idea of expressing a simple theme. I enjoyed especially I LOVE YOU. Read my blog. and post your comments. Bye
With love & care

PurpleHeart said...

Thanks for reading it.Tried to key in into yours, only to find that there was some error ! :(